Thursday, June 26, 2008

Golfing Tip-Pick the Correct Shaft Length for Beginners

Improve Golf Swing With Proper Club Shaft Fitting

Picking the right golf shaft for your irons and woods can have a large affect on your golf game. And it is one of the areas of golf that beginners often overlook. One of the important golf tips you need to consider is golf shaft length. Other options include high kick point, low kick point, etc. But to keep it simple I will focus on shaft length.

Golf Shaft Measurement for Beginners

I want to start off by saying that their seems to be no single accepted standard way to determine the correct golf club length for an individual. When I worked at a pro shop we would measure an individual with them standing straight up and their arms hanging down along their sides. While standing on a flat surface, we would measure the length from the floor to the persons main fold on his wrist. Preferably, the wrist that the person wears his golf glove.

Another way that is used is using a persons height. Click here for a chart that shows this.

No matter what process is used, it still comes down to feel. If a club feels right, and you hit it well, then that is the proper length for you. I recommend you see a local golf pro, and have him do some measurements on you, then see if you can demo a number of different length clubs. Edwin Watts is a great golf store that can measure you, and they have clubs you can demo.

You might even consider getting custom made golf clubs. If you do, don't forget to consider shaft length, and this is especially true if you are considering a graphite golf shaft for your irons. They are cut typically longer than what your steel shafts would be measured out to be.

Golf Shaft Length for Beginners Conclusion
There are a lot of things that a player needs to take into consideration when trying to improve his or her golf swing. But an important factor that a golfer should consider, especially a beginner, is making sure to have the correct shaft length in their clubs. I hope that this online golf tip: how beginners can pick the correct shaft length helps in this regard.


  1. I agree completely with you. I am feel player as well Nick. Shaft length is definitely one of the more important factors when choosing golf clubs. Too short a shaft and you are bending to put loads of pressure on your upper back or too long and you are taking a divot everytime. I highly recommend having your irons checked by golf retail fitter.

  2. Where can I find a golf videos site?

  3. To go along with the first comment said, if the shaft is two short you could hit a lot of pull draws or hooks, to long and you will be hitting a lot of push fades and slices. I know you said you were going to keep it simple but stiffness of shaft, swing speed, splineing the shaft all go into the equation as well. You can offset the length with a few of variances in those. It just takes working at it to find out what is going to work for you.

  4. You are absolutely right. If a player's equipment is not in a good condition then how will he play good in the match?