Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beginners Should Check Out Online Golf Shops Like King Golf Products

All over the Internet people are searching for certain things such as customized golf balls, discount golf clubs, golf bags, drivers, clubs, travel bags, swing help, and even gifts for golfers and you can find all kinds of online golf stores that carry such items. Some of these items may even be on sale!

But there are other specific things that golfers may be searching for, such as divot tools, ball warmers, personalized grips, gloves, putters, visors, hats, swing trainers, women's golf clothing, men's golf apparel, or other golf gadgets. Well if you are searching for these specific things, then there is an online golf store that carries these specific items and they are cool and unique.

Maybe you have heard of King Golf Products, and maybe you haven't. Well after today, you won't be able to say that anymore. Corey King, from King Golf Products, and I became acquainted with each other through Myspace. He is a great guy and his company is really cool, too. King Golf is growing fast and there is a reason for that! They have a lot of great products!

King Golf is dedicated to the game of golf, the etiquette of golf, and to the values that make the game of golf truly special. They respect tradition, but at the same time they add style and class.
They have a vast array of of items that appeal to all types of golfers, including men, women, and children. The golf wear offered by King Golf may even appeal to those that don't love golf....yet!


Here is their mission statement:

"Our ultimate mission is to make a difference in the game of golf and life by appealing to REAL people and issues that interest them. For golfers, no other issue is more aggravating than SLOW PLAY and BALL MARKS. That being so, our players know what to do and are actively helping us bring awareness to these vital issues. Along with traditional products, we will always offer fresh and unique items/apparel to appeal to everyone. Our Dog Tags for kids is a perfect example of what separates us from the rest!
Our company, products and mission are a great compliment to every golf course, golfer, pro shop, retailer and/or charity that promotes awareness of important issues. We think, by working together, the values of our game will help benefit everyone!"

I've had a chance to study some of the history of this company and I am amazed at how determined Corey and his crew have been to get King Golf going. And they are not slowing down! On a regular basis they are sponsoring more and more Professional Golfers, such as Leah Wigger, who won on the Duramed FUTURES Tour, and who is also a non-exempt rookie on the LPGA Tour. Other Professionals that are sponsored by King Golf include Mike Perry, Scott Alpi, and PJ Palmer.

King Golf Products have been featured in some pretty prestigious Golf Magazines, as well. In addition, they love to work with kids, trying to help them have fun playing the game, but to also respect the game. They are a great company for beginners of golf.

Like I said before, they carry a lot of merchandise! They have stuff for guys, girls, and kids. They have a lot of neat golf accessories as well. And you can try these items for yourself or give them as golf gifts.

So go check out their golf items, which include ladies golf clothing, mens golf clothing, and other golf wear. Let's start sporting KING GOLF PRODUCTS!

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