Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Product Review: Basic Golf ClassicCool Golf Shirt

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My closet contains an assortment of shirts that I have bought while living in Michigan and in Florida. But it wasn't until I had been living in Florida for awhile, that I realized that the majority of my shirts were horrible in the heat and humidity!

It didn't take me long to find a solution, however. I started buying a few shirts that claimed to be breathable and lightweight. These shirts worked great! They work because they wick away moisture from your skin. This allows me to keep cool and to stay comfortable, whether I'm golfing, or out on the town. I have no problem finding shirts with this type of technology, but the cost for these shirts is extravagant. I only have a few of them because paying $70 or more for a shirt can hurt your pocketbook, especially if your on a budget, like I am!

Ed Lemire, President of Basic Golf, contacted me recently asking if I would like to try one of their golf shirts. I have been contacted by numerous companies asking me to try out different products and what I have discovered, is sometimes the product is not as good as made out to be. But I am always willing to try a product with an open mind and that's what I have done with the golf shirt that Ed sent me.

I wasn't sure which shirt Ed would be sending me, so prior to receiving my new shirt, I went over to the Basic Golf website to see what they had available. They have 2 styles of shirts. One style is called the SportCool Golf Shirt, and the other is called ClassicCool. The SportCool shirts come in 3 colors, Limone, White, and Navy, whereas the ClassicCool is available in Ice Blue and Wasabi Green. They both use CoolDry™ fabric to keep you cool. From the pictures, they looked very nice and I liked the fact that they are athletically cut. None of my other breathable shirts are made like that. But what really caught my attention was the prices. Both shirts were nearly half what I paid for my name brand shirts! But, did the lower prices mean lower quality, I wondered?

When I opened the box that my new shirt and hat were delivered in, I was immediately surprised. My new shirt was the ClassicCool shirt in the Wasabi Green color. The SportCool has a zip in the front, while the ClassicCool shirts have buttons. I didn't care about that, I just wanted to give it a test run. And that's just what I did.

After a round of golf in the middle of the afternoon, with the heat index over 100 degrees, I no longer was wondering about the quality of this shirt. These shirts are top notch and I have to say, that I have never been more comfortable in a shirt before, especially playing golf. The way the shirt is designed it's extremely durable and it really allows you to move freely. When I got done with my round, I stepped into the clubhouse and looked at my face in a mirror and my forehead was beaded up with sweat but my shirt, believe it or not, was dry to the touch! I was totally impressed, and I am certainly going to be ordering a few more.

I have been totally convinced now that you can get cool looking, top quality merchandise for reasonable prices. I want to thank Ed Lemire, over at Basic Golf, for allowing me to try their product. And to my readers I want to say, check out Basic Golf! I wasn't disappointed and I'm sure you won't be either.

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  1. I have few Golf Classic Cool shirts and I love to wear them while playing Golf. The best thing about them is that their weight is pretty light and it is easy to play Golf.