Friday, September 5, 2008

Golf Improvement Tip for Beginners

Beginners Tip to Improve Your Golf Swing
Here are some free golf tips that you as beginners can do to improve their golf game. Many experts suggests the use of golf club weights, which can be purchased at a discount golf equipment store. These weights easily attach to the end of their clubs. Or they use a weighted club such as the Medicus  Driver, or Iron. They swing the golf club back and forth slowly and repeatedly to groove muscle memory. It can also serve as a great warm up tool that a golfer can use before teeing off.
Problems Possible with this Golf Tip
The only problem with using a weight on a club, or a weighted club, to groove muscle memory and to build strength is, if you have a bad swing to start with you could really ruin your game. Most do not have the proper golf swing, nor do they have a natural golf swing. So using this type of strength training could do more harm than good.

I prefer to recommend golf lessons for beginners. Learning the game from a golf pro will help you to get the correct grip, alignment, and thus in time, learning the proper golf swing.

What's More Important: Muscle Strength Or Muscle Stretch? 
Will the weights increase golf club distance? Probably not. If you want to increase your distance off the tee try lifting weights and doing golf strength exercises that target the big muscles used to hit the ball. Such as your arms, legs, and back.

Stretching is actually more important. If you can get your body to be really limber and loose, it will help with your golf swing, with both the take away and the follow through. Do a search on the Internet to find really good online tips for golf stretching exercises which can actually improve your overall golf conditioning.

Game Improvement Tip Conclusion
Gaining strength and flexibility with your muscles will help you in your quest for a better game of golf. This golf improvement tip for beginners comes with one warning though: Always check with your doctor before undergoing any sort of golf swing exercise program! We want everyone to be safe, if you know what I mean.

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