Sunday, September 28, 2008

Golf Tip-What Shaft Flex Should I Use as a Beginner?

What Shaft Flex Should I Use?
If you are just learning to play golf and you are considering getting custom fit golf clubs, you may wonder, 'what would be the best flex of shaft for me?' Or you may be a do-it-yourself kind of person and you are wanting to get into clubmaking. You will need to know all about golf club components, and that includes club fitting people for the proper shaft flex. You will have to know how to fit people for their drivers and irons, and know how to fit people for graphite shafts or steel shafts. What tips do we need to know to accurately help people to find the perfect golf swing? Of course their is no perfect golf swing, but rather each person has their own natural golf swing. And the natural swing and shot pattern needs to be taken into consideration when determining shaft flex.

First, we need to understand what happens to a golf shaft when you swing it. If you were to watch your golf swing in slow motion you would notice that the shaft bends. This happens because when we swing a golf club we put a lot of pressure on the shaft causing it to bow in the middle. There are a lot of things that can happen to our golf shots if the flex in our shaft is too soft,or too stiff.

For example, I had a small slice in my personal golf shot with my long irons and I was always looking for ways to improve my golf swing to correct this, but to no avail. I was using Rifle shafts and these are great steel shafts, but I found out that my flex was too stiff. So I extracted those stiff shafts from my clubs and replaced them with a regular flex and my golf slice all but disappeared. All without adjusting my swing or my golf alignment!

The same can be true if you suffer from poor trajectory, poor accuracy, or you have reduced distance when you hit your golf ball. Think about your own golf shot and then continue reading.

Ball Flight Problems 
3 things can happen to our ball flight from having the wrong flex in our shafts.
  1. The distance of the ball could be less (obviously, this would not be good)
  2. The trajectory (could be higher or lower)
  3. Our accuracy (the ball could end up going right or left)
The reason we would have these problems is because when the golf club flexes it changes the position of the clubhead. The clubface could become opened or closed at impact, or loft could be added or subtracted. Did you know, that if you slice the golf ball, for example, it may be because you have the wrong flex for your swing? It's a real possibility, so pay attention to the following golf tips!

To figure out what shaft flex is proper for you, make an honest analysis of your current golf swing and answer the following questions:
  • How far do you hit your driver (carry distance)?
    • 250 or more yards-pick a stiff shaft
    • 230 to 250 yards-pick a regular shaft
    • 200 to 230 yards-pick a senior shaft (also called A-flex, originally called (A)mature. A lot of players would benefit by hitting an A-flex shaft)
    • Less than 200 yards-pick a ladies shaft
  •  Do your drives go to the left?
    • If yes then try a stiffer flex
  • Do your drives go to the right?
    • If yes then try a softer flex
  • Do you have a lower ball flight resulting in less distance?
    • If yes then try a softer flex
  • Is your ball flight extremely high?
    • If yes then try a stiffer flex
If you are new to the game of golf and you are shopping for clubs then there are 2 really good ways that you can determine which shaft flex is right for you. One is, go to a club-fitter, or a teaching pro, and get fitted. The other is, go to a local golf shop and see if they will let you demo some drivers with different shaft flexes, and observe your ball flight. Once you have hit all available shaft flexes, then ask yourself the above questions to help determine your proper flex. The next thing you will need to figure out if you want graphite or steel shafts. Hopefully this information will help you getting the proper shaft flex for your golf club sets.


  1. That was interesting information about golf shafts. I wish I had read it before I bought my clubs, though.

  2. I am about to begin a golf and this info reading to your will help me tremendously.