Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Hit a Golf Ball With Hybrid Clubs

Beginner Tip-The Proper Swing With Hybrid Golf Clubs
Not to long ago, I had been considering replacing my long irons with a few hybrid clubs. I went to my local Edwin Watts and demo'd a few. At first, I hit them really well, but then things changed dramatically, and I no longer could hit them consistently, and so I took them back until I could find some golf secrets that would allow me to hit 'em. I even went to a book store to see if there was a 'golf for dummies' book that dealt with learning how to hit a hybrid golf club. At the time, no such luck.

I decided at that point that I was not going to replace my long irons. But it always confused me why I could no longer hit them. I really liked the looks of them, I liked the idea behind them, but for some reason I just couldn't hit them! I can hit my fairway woods really well, so why can't I hit hybrids?! I just figured that I didn't have the natural golf swing to hit a hybrid golf club.

But then I came across a free golf tip that really opened my eyes. It has been the most simple tip that I have ever came across. According to this tip all you have to do with your hybrid club is hit it like an iron. That's gotta be it! So I went back to the golf shop and checked out a hybrid again. Can you guess what happened? I'll tell ya. I started hitting great golf shots again. I am now in love with hybrids! I started hitting that golf club better than any club in my bag. Why? Because it had to do with my golf swing. I was using more of a sweeping motion, like hitting a fairway wood, instead of a more steep swing. 

Now I just have to work on my golfing alignment and I'll definitely improve my golf score. Haha. Soon, I'll go back to the golf shop and have a custom hybrid golf club made for my swing speed. Oh ya!


  1. I too was struggling to hit my hybrid and after reading that article I'm hitting mine better. Thanks!

  2. The thing I have discovered about hybrids is that I need to really pay attention to my clubface alignment. If I close the face just slightly too much I'll hook or slice when it's open. I got rid of my 3,4 irons in favor of hybrids. Still miss the 3 when I need a low flying stinger from under the trees.