Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tips on How Beginners Can Increase Club Head Speed

How to Increase Golf Swing Speed 
Many golfers, including beginners, are looking for golfing tips to increase their golf club distance they hit a golf ball off the tee. In fact, many simply type in the search engines 'improve my golf swing', I know I have. One way to do that is to increase golf club swing speed. To improve golf swing speed one must understand the physics of the natural golf swing. The faster your club head is going at the bottom of your swing, the greater the amount of kinetic energy that will be transferred from your club head to the ball, resulting in the ball going a long distance off the tee. Some try to achieve maximum club head speed by snapping their wrists at the bottom of their swing, however, the results are opposite of increased golf swing speed. You end up with slower swing speed. So what can golfers do to increase their golf swing speed? You can try golf strength training!

Simple Golf Flexibility Exercises
There are a lot of online golf tips that highlight golf swing flexibility. One golf fitness program gives this drill or workout: pick a weight that is slightly heavier than your driver. Assume your golf posture, and hold the weight where you would hold your driver. Slowly start your back swing until your left arm is parallel with the floor. (Opposite if you are left handed) Now slowly begin your down swing, smoothly reaching the bottom of your down swing, and continuing on up to your follow through, only going until your left arm is parallel to the floor. Then slowly reverse the process, going back and forth about 20 times. Repeat this another 3 times.

Do this golf exercise 3 times a week for the first week, then increase your weight slightly for the 2nd week. Take the 3rd week off then start the process over again, starting with the weight you used during your 2nd week of training. For week 5, increase weight slightly again, then take week 6 off. Resist the urge to start with a heavier weight. You may be able to do more weight, but that's not what we are looking for. We are trying increase strength but most importantly this exercise is creating flexibility. By doing this exercise as one fluid motion, it helps to eliminate snapping of the wrists, and allows you to develop the golf specific muscles that are used in the golf swing. How about that for a simple golf swing secret!

Free Golf Instruction To Increase Golf Swing Speed
Try these exercises to increase your golf clubhead speed. You can continue to do these exercises for many weeks for golf improvement, but be extremely careful not to end up using really heavy weights, because this could cause injury to your muscles. Remember, flexibility coupled with strength will result in faster club head speed, thus further distance off the tee.

Continue to check back to see other tips for beginners such as golf alignment, curing a golf slice, and the proper golf grip. If you really want a golf swing analysis of your golf swing then consider golf lessons for beginners. Golf pro's can really help you with your golf game and how to increase your club head speed.

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