Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Golf Instruction Taught In a Different Way for Beginners

Have you ever been advised to stick to the mechanics, such as "Keep a firm left elbow", "keep your head behind the ball", "complete your follow-through"? 

Oftentimes, this type of golf instruction can confuse beginners. It sometimes confuses me as well.

Well there is a book entitled A Different Way to (Much) Better Golf written by RH Clark. This guy throws out the mechanics. Manuals, magazines and friends can tell you the rules and suggest more mechanics, but "A Different Way to (Much) Better Golf" encourages golfers to assess their own body dynamics to sense feedback and find what works best for them.

Check your balance at the top of the back-swing and at the end of the through-swing. At the top of the back-swing you can be balanced as you pause to allow the reaction, the left side stretch, and gravity to all kick in together.

Read "A Different Way to (Much) Better Golf" for new and revolutionary golf instruction geared toward beginners to help improve our games.

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