Friday, December 26, 2008

Average Distance For Golf Clubs

I recently re-analyzed and updated my golf club distances and I also created a new average golf club distance chart. Please check out this newer post for more up to date information.

Know Your Average Golf Club Distances
Many golfers, including beginners, want to know how far the average golfer hits their golf clubs. Well, I'm an average golfer so I decided to provide a chart based on the distances that I play my woods, irons, and wedges. PGA Professionals obviously hit their clubs a lot farther, but I am not a professional by any means. In fact, compared to my playing partners, I'm the shortest hitter of the bunch.

My average score falls between the mid-80's to the mid-90's. A little over a year ago I was shooting between 90 and 100, but I have been practicing a lot with my short game and I am starting to bring my score down slightly. I have not added a hybrid to my bag yet, but I own 2 now and I may replace my 4 and 5-irons with those soon. Now that I have a better idea of how to hit a hybrid club, it won't be too long before they are in my bag permanently. I'm sure the distances will be pretty close to my 4 and 5-irons, but the trajectories will be higher and I will be more accurate.

Here is a chart outlining my distances. Obviously I don't hit my clubs exactly these distances because these yardages I've rounded off. But the yardages are fairly accurate for me and these are the numbers that I use when I decide to pull clubs from my bag.

For example, if I have a shot that is 146 yards to the center of the green, I will pull both my 7-iron and my 6-iron out. If I have a little bit of wind behind me and the distance between me and the green is fairly flat or slightly downhill, I'll play my 7-iron. But if I'm hitting into the wind, or I'm playing slightly uphill, I'll play my 6. Sometimes, I'll opt for the longer club but I'll choke down a quarter of an inch on my grip.

Men's Clubs


#1 wood (driver)

230 yards

#3 wood

210 yards

#5 wood

190 yards

#7 wood

180 yards

#4 iron

170 yards

#5 iron

160 yards

#6 iron

150 yards

#7 iron

140 yards

#8 iron

130 yards

#9 iron

120 yards

Pitching Wedge

110 yards (full

Sand Wedge

85 yards (full

Lob Wedge

60 yards (full

I hope this chart will be of use to some. If you want to learn to play better golf, then you need to learn your yardage distances. What are your distances? Please feel free to comment.


  1. Nice chart! I always wondered how other players stacked up with certain clubs. Great advice all around and I can't wait to put it to use tomorrow.

  2. Marketing Guy and Acemakr,
    Nice to hear from you both. I appreciate you subscribing Ace. Good luck tomorrow MG.

  3. helpful chart! i'm going to print this out! thanks : ]

  4. If your shooting in the 80's I would give yourself a little more credit! You claim to be an average golfer, but I think it's like over 95% of the people who ever play the game will never break 90. I'd say that's a little better than average.

  5. It is vital to your score to know how far you hit each iron on a fly. When hitting into a guarded green (water or sand) you must know the carry distance and spin the ball to stop it close to where the ball hits. Laying up for an approach shot also requires knowledge of total distance (roll included) to not overhit into a lake. Know your distances.

  6. When hitting each club, I like to hit 25 balls like you mentioned however I would disregard the shortest 5 balls and the longest 5 balls. These are your outliers and not overly helpful when figuring out where majority of your balls land.

  7. This is the first time someone has made some sense to help the average golfer. While some people will argue average (ect) This gentleman has done what others have been afraid to do. Thanks & my hats off to you.

  8. Thanks for the data, I was writing a page about distances, although I had already research the avg distances, it was useful to verify to :)

  9. A great way to recall the distances you hit each of your clubs.