Sunday, December 21, 2008

Golf Suggestion for Beginners-TourGolfClubs-Clone Clubs

May I Suggest Clone Clubs!
TourGolfClubs is a company that is devoted to having the game of golf low-priced for everybody. With prices of name brand golf clubs in the 1000s of dollars, the majority of golfers from novice to the more advanced players are discovering that it's difficult to keep up with the newest technologies.

TourGolfClubs has exhausted a good amount of time looking for and testing high quality golf clubs, for a fraction of the cost. They offer you a line of discount golf clubs that equals the top name brands in features and performance at an affordable price. Name brands that they are similiar to are Callaway, Nike, Ping and Taylormade. For example they offer hybrid clone golf clubs , but for the fraction of the price.

TourGolfClubs is a company that's dedicated to offering golfers the highest quality clone golf clubs. Yes, I said CLONES! They supply excellent performance at a cost that won't bankrupt you. A few people feel better about forking out 4 times more for their clubs simply because Tiger or Phil plays the same ones. But you will feel better knowing you're acquiring similar quality and performance for a fourth of the price.

TourGolfClub gear is constructed with similar materials and technology as its comparable name brand golf clubs. Clone golf clubs are not to be confused with the branded products they may try to flatter, but they're fabricated from basically the same materials and design rules. They employ a lot of the same shaft and grip suppliers, and execute similarly to the name brands. The significant point is they buy their heads, shafts, and grips from the same small community of golf manufacturing suppliers. They offer the same performance but they give you a better deal. Some of the name brands that they have corresponding clones for include; the Callaway X-10, The Callaway Big Bertha, Callaway FT-i driver, the Ping G5 series, the Nike Sasquatch and Sumo, and the Cobra Speed series woods.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a cheap option for golf beginners..