Monday, December 15, 2008

Improve Your Golf Score by Learning to hit a 60-degree wedge

60-degree Wedge
When I first started playing golf I didn't have a 60-degree wedge. I only had a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. One of my playing partners had bought a new lob wedge and asked me if I wanted his old one. It was a Cleveland 588 RTG, and I fell in love with the club, but not at first.

In the beginning, I had a problem hitting it correctly. I would try and use it around the green and I would attempt to hit a high, soft shot, like Phil Michelson. But I would end up blading the ball, sending it 15 yards off the other side of the green. So needless to say, at first, I didn't like the wedge, and I would leave it in my bag. I fell in love with my lob wedge when a friend of mine gave me some great advice. Here was his advice:

1. Calm down. To be able to hit a lob wedge you need to be very relaxed. If you are tense and you rush the shot, it will turn out disastrous.

2. Do not try to help the club. He told me to let the wedge do the work. Considering the huge loft, the club does not require your assistance in launching the ball into the air. A lot of golfers lean back and try to lift, or scoop, the ball up with their swing. The secret to a quick, high launch is in how you pre-set your weight, coupled with a balanced swing.

And so, here's what he told me to do: Lean your weight forward so the club comes down with a descending blow on the ball. This will get the ball spinning up the clubface. Swing down and through, not under and up. Avoid trying to lift the ball at all costs. And finish with a half-swing.

Here is a good practice drill he had me do. I would put a ball close to a short fence or a low-lying object, and I would practice hitting over it. I started out about 10 feet away from the fence and I as I improved I would move closer.

I had to learn not to overpower the shot. With putting my weight on my forward foot, I soon found that the clubhead energy would roll the ball up the clubface and into the air, stopping it quickly on the green. I was stoked.

Keep this golf tip in mind to improve your golf score: Do not scoop or lift the ball, stay calm, and finish with a half swing. If you do, you will allow your 60-degree lob wedge to do the job it was designed to do.

Update: make huge improvements in your golf score by learning your average distance that you hit your golf clubs.


  1. Where was this advice when I was playing regularly this summer and stinking up the joint...hehe.

  2. Thanks for providing such good tips. Your blog is interesting.

  3. There's a lot of thing I still need to learn. I thought I already have a good swing but after reading this post, I feel more motivated..

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