Thursday, December 11, 2008

Playing Golf in Arizona-Golf Tip for Beginners

Beginners and Golf in Arizona
Did you know that there are literally hundreds of golf courses in Arizona? If you are looking for all inclusive golf packages in Arizona, you don't have to worry, because you won't be disappointed. There is one golf course in particular that I just recently read great reviews about and it is in Arizona. It is the Saguaro Course at We-Ko-Pa Golf Club in Scottsdale.

The reviews about this golf course have been incredible! It opened about 12 years ago in 1996 so it's a fairly new course, but it has caught the attention of a lot of serious golfers.

The condition and the setting of this course was described as 'spectacular' by one person, and another who played the course made this comment "you'll swear the striking blue sky over the desert looks like it came from a special effects studio." I have only been to Arizona once and I must admit there is something about the sky that makes it amazing to see. So I can imagine when you couple the beauty of the sky with an immaculate golf course you would end up with some breathtaking views.

Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw designed this course and they designed it to be a walking course. You don't find a lot of these today and sad to say, a lot of golfers prefer to ride the course instead which sort of detracts from the design, I believe. However, for those who like to ride that is OK. I live in Florida and that's all we do is ride. But walking has its benefits and this course sounds like one that I would want to walk, that's for sure.

Another aspect about this course that impressed me is the appearance from the tee boxes. Some say the fairways are wide and some say that the fairways just appear to be wide but in reality they are not. I'm not sure who is right but both parties did agree on one thing: you must be accurate with your tee shots or else your ball can go rolling off into the desert. That's a great golf tip if you plan on going to play there.

I noticed that there is a lot of diversity as well when it comes to the length of the holes. There are par 4's from 310 to 490 yards, and par 3's from 120 to 240 yards. It sounds like you would probably end up using almost every golf club in your bag. And that's the way it should be. Sometimes a few golf courses can be a bit boring because all the holes are fairly even in length. But the Saguaro Course doesn't have that problem.

I've been impressed by the reviews and it certainly sounds like a fun course, both for the beginners in the game of golf, as well as those who are more skilled at the game. Now this beauty doesn't come cheap, though. You can expect to pay over $200 for 18 holes of golf. I don't know about you but right now I am on a tight budget so a course like this one would be out of the question. But when I decide to take a trip to Arizona, I will make sure to set aside some funds to play this spectacular gem! Playing golf in Arizona would be a dream come true!

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