Thursday, January 1, 2009

Golf Instruction for Beginners: How to fix a slice

Do you have trouble with hitting your driver straight? The majority of golfers regrettably bear this exact problem. Most of them slice/fade the golf ball to the right and it's an ongoing problem for a lot of players, especially for beginners. Possibly you've discovered that you hit your golf irons and your fairway woods somewhat straight but it is your driver that's creating the problem, and you may wonder how to correct a slice. You may even have detected that you hit your irons further than your driver.

Here is some golf instruction to get you started out upon the proper course. If you are a slicer of the golf ball and your mechanics are good, there are a few matters to check over in relation to your driver that can help you CURE YOUR GOLF SLICE.

1. Sample a driver with a weaker flex shaft. A good amount of players tend to choose a shaft that's a stiff flex. Whenever a shaft is overly stiff they're hard to load, and tough to square up at impact, which may create a slice. This is a normal fault among players that are new and old to the game! To neutralize this problem test a few regular flex drivers, perhaps even consider an A flex driver (likewise known as a senior flex). It can't hurt to make the time to demo a couple of drivers with varying shaft flexes. This is an important tip to help you cure your golf slice.

As a side note: A shaft that's excessively flexible in relation to your clubhead speed can snap closed. You do not need that to happen, or you'll wind up drawing or hooking your golf ball. The key to picking shafts can be to play the most flexible shaft you are able to control. This represents a really significant golf tip: use the most flexible shaft you can, while maintaining accuracy. Besides this, the additional flex could help you acquire some additional distance you perhaps are seeking.

2. Look for a golf shaft that has low torque. Torque impacts the shafts' ability to square up at impact. The smaller the torque value, the more efficient it will be at squaring up the clubface at the same time that it comes into contact with the golf ball, assisting you to cure your golf slice.

3. Check the grip size. A grip that's too big encourages a fade/slice; a grip that's too small encourages a draw/hook.

You can be fitted for all 3 of the tips that I've cited. By getting fitted for the right flex, the right torque, and for the suitable grip size, can drive you on the proper path to playing the game of golf, hopefully without the frightening banana ball, thus putting you on your way to having a cure for your golf slice. And don't forget to look into getting lessons, since PGA Pro's have the best golf instruction for beginners.

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