Saturday, January 10, 2009

Part 5-Golf Ball Compression

Golf Ball Compression

A lot of golf balls are rated by the amount that they compress. A compression of 0 contorts by 0.2 inches or more and a compression of 200 doesn't compress the least bit. Soft feel balls are low compression golf balls that have a measured compression rating from 50 to 70. Hard feel golf balls are high compression that are rated at about 100 to 110. The compression measuring can vary from manufacture to manufacture so some balls will feel different from other golf balls.

A golf ball for beginners who have a slow swing speed should play with a ball that has a compression rate of 80. Golfers with an ordinary swing speed ought to use a ball measuring compression of 100, and a ball that has a compression rated at 110 is best suited for fast swing speed golfers. The weather can also play a part in selecting the compression of your golf balls? Low compression balls are most effective in cold weather because the ball does not compress as much when it's cold. And the opposite is true in regards to high compression balls, they are more effective is warmer weather.

Hopefully you have come to a better understanding of golf ball characteristics. With this information and taking into account your golf game, you should be able to know now 'what kind of golf ball would be well suited for me'. Make a note of these characteristics so that when you go to buy golf balls you will be able to remind yourself what to look for.

You can use this information to also help you to pick out cheap used golf balls.


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