Saturday, January 10, 2009

Which Golf Ball is Right for Me-Part 1

Part 1-Golf Ball Information
A lot of golfers do not put enough forethought in selecting golf balls that are proper for their game. Perhaps you've never thought about it yourself. And so, the next time you purchase golf balls, make certain that you aren't merely picking out the golf balls labeled as the longest golf balls, for example, because it may not be the correct golf ball for you and your game. Or just picking a ball because your particular pro plays them.

So this brings up a good question, is there a means to determine which represents the most beneficial golf ball for your level of golf and your particular golf club swing speed? Yes, there is a way to do this, but you first have to grasp the role of each type of golf ball.

For the intention of this post, I am not going to go into particulars about diameter, weight, or the number of dimples on a golf ball. Rather, I'll do my best to explain some significant elements that can assist you in picking out a golf ball that's correct for you and your game.

One-Piece Golf Balls

One-piece golf balls are formed from a solid material and they are ordinarily utilized on driving ranges as a practice ball. While it can be really durable and cheap in price, it will not give you a great deal distance. Use a one-piece ball if you have to go over a hazard for example. If it goes into the hazard no big loss.

Part 2 will deal with two-piece golf balls, three-piece golf balls, and four-piece golf balls. Part 3 focuses on low spin golf balls, mid spin golf balls, and high spin golf balls. Part 4 talks about soft feel golf balls, mid feel golf balls, and firm feel golf balls. Part 5 is a short discussion that answers the question what is golf ball compression. By the end of this series of posts, you will be able to find the answer to the question, 'which golf ball is right for me?'


  1. i know what you mean...i prefer the three-piece balls personally, although i know what you're saying about distance and one-piece ones..

  2. It's funny you mention choosing golf balls based on what the famous use, because that was my decision making when I first started. : )

  3. Yeah i agree. You will just get defeated if you choose a wrong ball.

  4. I'm a girl and I usually pick my balls by what color they are. ;)

  5. i always prefer golf balls that feel softer and i have better feeling and spin on and around the green such as top flite, pinnacle, and nike is ok for me