Saturday, February 28, 2009

Learn How to Play Golf for Beginners

Golf for Beginners
"Learn how to play golf for beginners" is a subject that a lot of people are attempting to find the answer for. While nothing beats hitting the golf course, you can certainly improve your game quicker with the knowledge you can get a hold of on the Internet. One area to look is at golf forums. You can find tons of information on how to play golf for beginners there. You can read all you want about the short game, the putting game, the driving game, sand play, rules, and of course etiquette. A nice thing about forums is you can ask questions and get answers from those who play golf.

If you are wanting to learn how to play golf then do a search on the internet for specific areas that you may need work on. For example, beginners should concentrate on there short games, so go to your favorite search engine, and do a search for "short game tips for beginners" and you will find a whole bunch of golf sites that can help you to learn how to improve with your short game. You can do this with any area of your game. You can search for driving distance tips, pitching tips, chipping advice, putting lessons, and so on. Take advantage of the World Wide Web and you can make huge improvements in your golf game.

How to Play Golf
However, the best way to learn to play golf is by taking some lessons. Find a good local golf teacher and he can help you to learn the basics about your golf grip, stance, swing, posture, alignment, and even etiquette. Because there is so much involved in learning how to play golf, it can be very advantageous to learn from a Professional Golf teacher. I have come across coupons and deals in the newspaper that local golf courses have posted for golf lessons. Some even offer group lessons. It can be fun to learn golf with a fellow golf enthusiast.

Take advantage of this golf tip: never quit and continue to learn how to play golf. Continue to search and to refine your game, but always remember to have fun while you do it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Golf Tip-Beginners should check out


I was recently asked to take a look at a golf website called Rankmark. This is a very unique website that I found very interesting and you may find valuable as well. Rankmark is a site that finds, through objective testing and analysis, which golf equipment golfers prefer, and they then place their findings on their website. They go beyond just reviewing a product, but instead they test a product. They use multiple people to accomplish this, for example, they use low handicappers, mid-to-high handicappers, men, women, youth, beginners, and seniors. By doing this, Rankmark is able to produce unbiased, independent test results that can help a person to make a really informed decision when it comes to buying golf equipment. They have been doing this for over 10 years and I was very impressed with the results that I viewed over on their site. What I really like is Rankmark will send to you, via email, the latest equipment information and test results so you can always be kept up to date with current information.

Rankmark is a very simple site to use and they appear to do a really great job when it comes to testing golf equipment. They go beyond marketing hype and get down to real world results. This is important to me, because I don't want to spend a lot of money for a new driver, for example, just because an ad, or someone's website or blog, says it's good. This site is not about the money, but rather about quality and how well a product performs. If a club performs well for the majority of testers then that club is given a good score. If it doesn't perform well, then they are not afraid to give it a poorer score and they tell why that piece of equipment did not perform well. As a golf tip for beginners, I highly recommend that you check out for yourself and let me know what you think. And don't forget to sign up for their free newsletter.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cobra L5V Driver

The L5V Driver by Cobra

Cobra has a driver that is, from what I have read and heard, remarkable! It brings up a really good question: is it longer than my current driver? I love reading about and checking out new equipment but it always seems that every time a new product is released, I start to wonder if I should buy it because it may be better than what I have now and if it is better than what I have, it might mean that it will lower my golf score. This is probably a dilemma that most golfers face. But anyway, the new driver is by Cobra, and it is called the L5V driver.

What makes this King Cobra L5V driver so special? They say it has the largest clubface in golf, but in addition to that it also has Cobra's new Adjustable Flight Technology. What is that, you ask? This cool technology allows you to choose between two settings. There is the standard setting and then there is the draw-biased setting. You take the torque wrench that the Cobra L5V comes with, and you loosen a screw and you switch between the two settings. This is awesome because most beginners have the tendency to slice their golf balls. By adjusting this driver to a draw bias it could actually reduce, or even eliminate their slice! This could actually prove to be a game saver for noobs, beginners, and high handicappers. Cool!

Another awesome feature about the Cobra L5V driver is the head is made up of two materials. The face and body of the L5V are made from titanium, while the crown is constructed from an extremely light carbon composite material. The weight that would have been in the crown has been shifted down and farther back in the head to bring down the center of gravity and step-up the moment of inertia. By shifting the center of gravity lower and further back, this helps to produce a higher launch with much lower spin. This can help greatly in maximizing distance and accuracy. Again, this is sounding like a great club for beginners.

Visually, the Cobra L5V looks stunning and the enlarged face should inspire confidence when teeing up the ball. I have been eyeing this club for a while now and I believe that I am going to have to demo one. Check it out for yourselves as well and let me know what you think. If you have one in your golf bag, let us know what you think. I am curious to see how many people like the Cobra L5V Driver.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beginners and Callaway Used Golf Clubs, a Sweet Golf Tip

There are a lot of places where beginners can find used golf clubs, but if you are looking for Callaway used golf clubs then you need to check out Callaway's pre-owned golf club site. This is the official site were you can find used Callaway golf equipment that is certified. If you shop for Callaway used golf clubs you can avoid a lot of problems, such as getting faulty equipment. If you purchase clubs via their website, Callaway will provide you with a certificate of authenticity and they offer limited warranties on everything they sell. They can do this because when they take in used clubs they are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and tested. Callaway used golf clubs that are still part of the current line of clubs are offered with a 12-month limited warranty. If they are not current clubs, then they come with a 90-day limited warranty. It's nice to know that you can get Callaway used golf clubs with a warranty!

In addition to buying used clubs, another tip is you can also trade in your Callaway clubs. You can use the money you will receive on your trade in to buy other used clubs. So if you are a big fan of Callaway, and you want some used clubs this is the site to see. This is especially true for those of you who are learning how to play golf. Callaway clubs are built to be easy to hit and they are built well. I currently use a used Callaway Big Bertha 60-degree wedge in my bag and I just love it! I also use a Callaway FT-iQ driver, with 9.5 degrees of loft, (but now I'm thinking about getting the Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Driver, a used one of course). I didn't purchase my current driver used, but the next time I need a driver I will trade in my driver and buy a used one. This is a great way to save me some money and a great golf tip for beginners. Golfing beginners and newbie’s should think seriously about considering and using Callaway used golf clubs.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Magnetic Ion Bracelets

Magnetic Ion Therapy
Magnetic ion bracelets are basically designed to help calm your nerves. They are utilized in golf, for example, because golf can be a nerve-racking environment making you feel uptight. In addition, it's claimed that you can have enhanced cell regeneration, and that you can revitalize your body from the stresses of normal life by using magnetic ion bracelets. Most companies use two-dimensional magnets, which are inexpensive to make and do not penetrate deeply enough to be effective. However, some companies are employing alternating north-south polarity orientation, which in effect increases the area of the magnetic field, and these supposedly penetrate deeper into your muscles and tissue fibers. The concept is that we are surrounded by positive ions that get absorbed into our bodies from such sources as mobile phones and other electronic devices, so some magnetic ion bracelets have minus ions to help counteract this affect. Having too many positive ions in your body can cause a decrease in concentration; it can promote muscle and joint pain, and can even make you feel sick to your stomach. By using these magnetic ion bracelets you can supposedly help restore the balance in your life.

Magnetic Therapy

These therapeutic bracelets can be worn on your wrist, ankle, or you can get ones that are necklaces. They are offered in a vast range of colors and sizes to suit your taste and preferences. I personally have never tried magnetic ion bracelets, but I guess the concept sounds reasonable enough. Even if they don't work, I'm wondering if there is a placebo effect, fooling your mind into thinking it is beneficial therapy and that they are good for your health.

So I'm curious, have any of you ever tried using magnetic ion bracelets, or other similar gadgets, such as copper jewelry, or other ionic products? Have you found them to do as they claim, or are they just a waste of money? I know that these items are very popular amongst golfers. So what are your thoughts?