Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cobra L5V Driver

The L5V Driver by Cobra

Cobra has a driver that is, from what I have read and heard, remarkable! It brings up a really good question: is it longer than my current driver? I love reading about and checking out new equipment but it always seems that every time a new product is released, I start to wonder if I should buy it because it may be better than what I have now and if it is better than what I have, it might mean that it will lower my golf score. This is probably a dilemma that most golfers face. But anyway, the new driver is by Cobra, and it is called the L5V driver.

What makes this King Cobra L5V driver so special? They say it has the largest clubface in golf, but in addition to that it also has Cobra's new Adjustable Flight Technology. What is that, you ask? This cool technology allows you to choose between two settings. There is the standard setting and then there is the draw-biased setting. You take the torque wrench that the Cobra L5V comes with, and you loosen a screw and you switch between the two settings. This is awesome because most beginners have the tendency to slice their golf balls. By adjusting this driver to a draw bias it could actually reduce, or even eliminate their slice! This could actually prove to be a game saver for noobs, beginners, and high handicappers. Cool!

Another awesome feature about the Cobra L5V driver is the head is made up of two materials. The face and body of the L5V are made from titanium, while the crown is constructed from an extremely light carbon composite material. The weight that would have been in the crown has been shifted down and farther back in the head to bring down the center of gravity and step-up the moment of inertia. By shifting the center of gravity lower and further back, this helps to produce a higher launch with much lower spin. This can help greatly in maximizing distance and accuracy. Again, this is sounding like a great club for beginners.

Visually, the Cobra L5V looks stunning and the enlarged face should inspire confidence when teeing up the ball. I have been eyeing this club for a while now and I believe that I am going to have to demo one. Check it out for yourselves as well and let me know what you think. If you have one in your golf bag, let us know what you think. I am curious to see how many people like the Cobra L5V Driver.


  1. Fantastic club period!!!! I have tried all the new drivers,(Nike,Callaway,Taylormade,etc.) this driver blows them all away. I am a 14 handicap and have used the Taylormade Burner 460 draw model for 2yrs, the L5V is much better and the Burner was a great club.The club is light,and and very forgiving,the ball flies high,str8,and long even on off center hits. The only drawback is the sound of the ball being struck, it is a diffent sound and it is very loud, some may found it annoying,but for a club this good I can deal with the sound. Club can be had for $299, it is a steal and a must in your bag, go and demo it.