Saturday, March 28, 2009

Magnetic Ion Bracelets-I Bought One

Magnetic Ion Technology
If you have been following along with my posts you may have noticed my interest in magnetic ion bracelets. My wife bought me a golf glove with negative ion technology built into it and I have been wearing it when I play golf or when I am practicing, but I don't think I have had it on long enough to know if it is working yet. So I decided to buy a bracelet that had positive magnets in it. That way I could wear it all the time to see if I can feel any difference with it.

Magnetic Golf Bracelet
I was in Orlando and my wife and I we're shopping around at a flea market and I came across a booth that was selling magnetic and copper bracelets. The magnetic bracelets had a sign near them that claimed that they are good for athletes, such as golfers. The price was only $25 and the magnets seemed to be pretty strong, so I bought it. I like the look of it, it is silver and very well built. I figured that if the magnetic ion therapy ended up being useless at least the bracelet still looked nice and I could still wear it for fashionable purposes.

Magnetic Therapy Results
Well, I have been wearing the bracelet none stop for 2 weeks now and I have to admit that I haven't really noticed any difference. Every so often I test the strength of the magnets to make sure that they still work and they are still very strong. Maybe it is too soon to notice anything. I am going to continue to wear it and if I start to notice any results, positive or negative, I will post about it. If you wear one and you feel that they work I would like to hear from you about how long it took before you started noticing a difference. If I don't feel anything after a few months, I plan on buying a negative ion bracelet to see if it has any affect. In time, I will be able to make the determination of whether or not, magnetic ion bracelets, work for me.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Practicing Your Golf Swing Will Improve Your Score

Practice, Practice, Practice
If you have the proper fundamentals and, in some cases, the proper training, you will make huge improvements if you practice what you are taught. But what if you are a beginner when it comes to the game of golf, or what if you are just a recreational or weekend golfer? What if you don't have a lot of time to practice? What should you focus on? Those can be difficult questions to answer because each person is different and unique. But in my opinion, you should focus on having a golf swing that is dependable and repeatable. How do you that?

Improve Your Score With Lessons
I have seen a lot of self taught athletes in almost every sport. Some people are just athletic and natural when it comes to sports and they can thrive on their own. However, the majority of us are not as lucky. I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just stating the facts. This is especially true when it comes to the golf swing for example. You can practice your swing all you want, but you may actually be hurting your golf game rather than improving it. The reason for this is because your golf swing may feel correct to you and it may produce some good results most of the time, but I'm sure your swing still has flaws. It is hard to judge your swing because you really can't tell how you swinging.

Instead of spending money on the next few rounds of golf, save it and then find a good local professional to give you a few lessons about the golf swing. Really pay attention to the methods that he or she uses to help you to have a good grip at address, how to have a balanced take away, how to have a backswing that is on plane, how to get your clubhead square at impact, and how to have a smooth, balanced follow through. If you concentrate on each one of these areas of the golf swing, then you will be able to take what you have learned to the practice range. Then, and only then, will you have something to truly practice on. Your golf range practice sessions will be more concentrated and you will begin to see improvement in your golf score.

Practice With a Purpose Will Cause Improvements
So just to summarize, if you are not a gifted golfing athlete, then consider taking a few golf lessons involving your golf swing. Take the lessons, with the hope of remembering what and how you were taught, so that you can effectively practice your golf game. Improvements in your golf score will come in time, if, you practice, practice, practice, but with a purpose, purpose, purpose. Good luck, enjoy your golf game and continue to improve, improve, improve.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Improve Your Score by Knowing Your Golf Club Distances

Improve Your Golf Score
I have been working on improving my golf game by finding out the average distances that people hit their golf clubs. For my experiment I have been using my yardage distances as well as my sons and my fathers. I am not finished with the experiment yet, but you can read about my results so far over at Average Golf Club Distances for Beginners. If you go over to the site you can see what clubs we have done so far. I have made four posts so far. The first one is just an introductory post, but the others involve how far we hit our driver, our 3, 5, and 7 woods, and our 4 hybrids. You can find the links to those posts on the lower right side of the blog page. Check it out and feel free to give your feedback, if you want.

Improve Golf Score by Knowing Club Yardages
We are definitely looking for ways to improve our golf scores and by knowing the distance we hit each club can help us to do that. It also will help us to find the perfect wood, hybrid, iron, and wedge combination that will allow us to have the perfect distance between each club. By the time we are done finding our average distances, we will be able to put the yardages into a chart that we can post and use to our benefit. I will post the chart on my other site as well as this site.

The easiest way to make improvements when it comes to our golf score is by having the right golf clubs in our bags for our game and to know how far we hit each club. If we don't know how far we hit a particular club, then how can improve our golf score? We will just be guessing and that is not good. So make an effort to know your average golf club distances as well. If you do, hopefully as a beginner, you will become more confident and you will improve your golf scores.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Diablo Driver Review

Release Your Inner Diablo
One definition of Diablo is: devil. Callaway has created a driver that is supposed to cause you to release the inner devil in us. Well, what makes this driver so special? From what I have read it is a 3-piece, all titanium headed driver. It utilizes either a 10-gram internal weight that allows for a neutral clubface at impact, or a 15-gram weight that promotes a draw. The shape of the head is really the talk of this golf driver. It has been shaped to direct the center of gravity to either a neutral or a draw position.

Golfers Reaction to the Diablo

I have not hit this driver yet, but I have seen it and it is impressive looking. One person who had a chance to hit it said that his ball flight was lower but easily gained 6 yards on his drives. It created impressive ball speed and distance. This may turn out to be a good driver for beginners and mid to high handicappers because it can help curtail, eliminate, or reduce your slice. To me, that is a good thing.

Big Bertha Diablo
Will this club prove to be a big hit with golfers? We shall have to wait and see. Lamborghini has a car called the Diablo and that is one impressive machine but it comes with a HUGE price. But Callaway Golfs Big Bertha Diablo Driver is priced very moderately. The price is listed as $299. But will the moderate price along with the new technology prove to be as impressive as a Lamborghini? I think it just might be the club that can do a world of wonder for us as golfers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Magnetic Ion Technology for Active Golfers

Magnet Therapy
In an earlier post I talked about magnetic ion bracelets. I mentioned that they are primarily configured to help you therapeutically and one way is by calming your nerves. For example, because golf can be a nerve-racking environment it can make you feel uptight. How many of us have stood on the first tee in front our golfing buddies and possible others, and felt absolutely nervous about hitting our first tee shot of the day? I have jitters every time I play. So I've been hoping that a bracelet with magnetic ion capabilities could help calm my nerves down. I still haven't bought a bracelet yet, but I am seriously thinking about getting one made by Sabona, Trion:Z, or Q-ray, or some other similar company.

It's claimed by these companies that you can also have improved cellular regeneration, and you can revitalize your body from the stresses of normal life with a magnetic ion bracelet. I am seriously considering one that promotes negative ions. This is supposed to counteract the positive ions that we pick every single day from electronic devices all around us. However, most companies use two-dimensional magnets which are cheap to fabricate but they don't penetrate deeply enough into the system to be effective. But there has been a lot of talk about the positive affects of using negative ions (that sounds like an oxymoron). If you have noticed a decrease in concentration, or if you have joint pain, and even if you have been feeling nauseated to your stomach, using some form of magnetic ion technology could help to restore balance in your life.

These therapy bracelets can be worn on your wrist, ankle, or you can get ones that are made into necklaces. Callaway offers negative ion technology in a golf glove. The band is built right into the glove. Magnetic bracelets, necklaces, or other forms of jewelry come in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit your tastes and preferences. My wife recently bought me the Callaway glove and I have wore it a few times, but I have to be honest, I haven't felt any affects one way or the other. But it could be that I only wear the glove when I play golf, and so maybe I don't wear it long enough to feel a difference. I have been really hoping for a placebo effect, to deceive my mind into thinking that it just may work. I keep using it and I will buy a bracelet with some sort of magnetic ion technology, to wear at all times.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Increase Golf Swing Speed

Golf Swing Speed
When golfers talk about swing speed they often are talking about ways to improve their speed. If you increase the speed of your golf swing you will, in effect, increase your golf driving distance. And if you're like me, there is nothing wrong with getting a little more distance. So is there any simple golf tips for beginners that will help them to increase their golf swing speed?

Swing Speed Stretch
Unfortunately, there is no simple tip or drill that can do this. In order to amp up your swing speed you need to work at it. It just doesn't come automatically. A tip that I can pass on involves stretching. You will find on the internet all kinds of links that will take you to sites that shows golfers different stretches to do. One stretch that I attempt to do every day is easy to do. I didn't notice any change in my golf swing speed until a few weeks later, so don't expect immediate results with trying this stretch. This actually is more like an exercise that you can do.

Take your driver and place it across your back with both of your hands holding it near the ends. Stand with your body similar to your driving stance, slightly bent forward, and legs shoulder width apart. Imagine your golf ball on a tee in front of you and slowly turn your upper torso while keeping your eyes on your imaginary ball. Turn until the golf club that is on your shoulders is pointing at the golf ball. Then hold that position for 10 seconds. Then slowly turn your body the other way until the other end of the golf club is pointing at your golf ball. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this process 20 times. If you can turn your torso past the golf ball, then by all means do so, but don't strain yourself because you could injure yourself. Overtime, you will be able to turn your torso a long ways. This exercise will increase your flexibility and you should begin to notice a slight difference in your driving distance. If you do, then that means you have increased your golf swing speed. This is a simple golf tip for beginners and if you have a tip to increase golf swing speed, please let us know!

Golf Swing Speed Trainer
In addition to doing exercises and stretches to improve golf swing speed, you can also purchase a golf swing training aid. These devices will help you to gain strength which ultimately can help you to gain distance off the tee. A swing trainer can be one of the best ways in improving golf swing speed. There are two companies that come to mind that make products that will allow you to do this. One is called Momentus, and the other is called Medicus. They both are swing speed trainers and they can help you to become a power hitter. Give these products a try and you'll be amazed at the distance you may get due to an increase in golf swing speed.

Update: If you are looking to add distance to your drives then check out this: 5 keys to distance

Golf Putting Tips for Newbies

Newbie Putting Tips
When it comes to golf most golfers are more interested in hitting golf balls with their drivers and are looking for the secret to launching their balls farther down the fairway than on their short game. So it's not surprising that many golfers don't really concentrate on putting. However, learning to putt well is the secret to lowering your golf score. So even though hitting a golf ball far can be exhilarating and can affect your score slightly, if you can learn to putt great this will impact your game and score even more.

My suggestion to newbies is to look for golf putting tips for beginners on the internet and try your best to improve your game on the green. In addition to this, you want to make sure that you have a putter that you are comfortable with and one that you can make a lot of putts with. Golf equipment is a vital component to the game and you putter should not be neglected. If you find that you are missing putts to the left on a regular basis, for example, your putter lie may be too upright. Consider getting fitted for your putter. And don't forget to consider you putter grip. Having the wrong size grip can be just as detrimental as having the wrong size grips on your driver or your irons.

So newbies, take putting seriously when it comes to golf. This tip will be the most beneficial for your golf game, both in enjoyment as well as scoring lower.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Newbie Questions That Golfers Ask-Here are Some Tips

Noob Questions
Newbie golfers usually have a lot of questions. Like how do you keep score in golf? Do you need to have a gap wedge in your bag? How often should you practice your short game? Should you buy golf shoes that have a water proof warranty? How far does the average golfer hit their golf clubs?

Questions like these, and others like them, are very important for beginners to the game of golf to ask. If you are new to the game do you have any questions that you have searched the internet for? If you have, what were they? Feel free to leave the questions you have asked in the comments field. By all of us asking the questions, maybe a newbie will come across a question that he was looking for an answer to. If he knows the question, then perhaps we can help them find the answer.

I have started another blog that answers the question about golf club distances, I hope in time, the blog will give noobs the answers they are looking for in regards to how far an average golfer hits his golf clubs. Go over and check it out and feel free to leave a comment in regards to how far you hit your clubs. I am doing research and in time I am going to post a chart that newbies can use to help them see if they are falling within the averages.