Monday, March 16, 2009

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Diablo Driver Review

Release Your Inner Diablo
One definition of Diablo is: devil. Callaway has created a driver that is supposed to cause you to release the inner devil in us. Well, what makes this driver so special? From what I have read it is a 3-piece, all titanium headed driver. It utilizes either a 10-gram internal weight that allows for a neutral clubface at impact, or a 15-gram weight that promotes a draw. The shape of the head is really the talk of this golf driver. It has been shaped to direct the center of gravity to either a neutral or a draw position.

Golfers Reaction to the Diablo

I have not hit this driver yet, but I have seen it and it is impressive looking. One person who had a chance to hit it said that his ball flight was lower but easily gained 6 yards on his drives. It created impressive ball speed and distance. This may turn out to be a good driver for beginners and mid to high handicappers because it can help curtail, eliminate, or reduce your slice. To me, that is a good thing.

Big Bertha Diablo
Will this club prove to be a big hit with golfers? We shall have to wait and see. Lamborghini has a car called the Diablo and that is one impressive machine but it comes with a HUGE price. But Callaway Golfs Big Bertha Diablo Driver is priced very moderately. The price is listed as $299. But will the moderate price along with the new technology prove to be as impressive as a Lamborghini? I think it just might be the club that can do a world of wonder for us as golfers.


  1. I use this all the time. I'm just like you! I get the itch and I have to scratch it!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing and making us all think a little more about your nice content

  3. The Diablo...nice club. Anything that fits the eye will help your confidence. I like the thing

  4. I'll have to check that one out. Need a new driver heading into the spring season. Thanks for the heads up.