Thursday, March 19, 2009

Improve Your Score by Knowing Your Golf Club Distances

Improve Your Golf Score
I have been working on improving my golf game by finding out the average distances that people hit their golf clubs. For my experiment I have been using my yardage distances as well as my sons and my fathers. I am not finished with the experiment yet, but you can read about my results so far over at Average Golf Club Distances for Beginners. If you go over to the site you can see what clubs we have done so far. I have made four posts so far. The first one is just an introductory post, but the others involve how far we hit our driver, our 3, 5, and 7 woods, and our 4 hybrids. You can find the links to those posts on the lower right side of the blog page. Check it out and feel free to give your feedback, if you want.

Improve Golf Score by Knowing Club Yardages
We are definitely looking for ways to improve our golf scores and by knowing the distance we hit each club can help us to do that. It also will help us to find the perfect wood, hybrid, iron, and wedge combination that will allow us to have the perfect distance between each club. By the time we are done finding our average distances, we will be able to put the yardages into a chart that we can post and use to our benefit. I will post the chart on my other site as well as this site.

The easiest way to make improvements when it comes to our golf score is by having the right golf clubs in our bags for our game and to know how far we hit each club. If we don't know how far we hit a particular club, then how can improve our golf score? We will just be guessing and that is not good. So make an effort to know your average golf club distances as well. If you do, hopefully as a beginner, you will become more confident and you will improve your golf scores.

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