Saturday, March 7, 2009

Increase Golf Swing Speed

Golf Swing Speed
When golfers talk about swing speed they often are talking about ways to improve their speed. If you increase the speed of your golf swing you will, in effect, increase your golf driving distance. And if you're like me, there is nothing wrong with getting a little more distance. So is there any simple golf tips for beginners that will help them to increase their golf swing speed?

Swing Speed Stretch
Unfortunately, there is no simple tip or drill that can do this. In order to amp up your swing speed you need to work at it. It just doesn't come automatically. A tip that I can pass on involves stretching. You will find on the internet all kinds of links that will take you to sites that shows golfers different stretches to do. One stretch that I attempt to do every day is easy to do. I didn't notice any change in my golf swing speed until a few weeks later, so don't expect immediate results with trying this stretch. This actually is more like an exercise that you can do.

Take your driver and place it across your back with both of your hands holding it near the ends. Stand with your body similar to your driving stance, slightly bent forward, and legs shoulder width apart. Imagine your golf ball on a tee in front of you and slowly turn your upper torso while keeping your eyes on your imaginary ball. Turn until the golf club that is on your shoulders is pointing at the golf ball. Then hold that position for 10 seconds. Then slowly turn your body the other way until the other end of the golf club is pointing at your golf ball. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this process 20 times. If you can turn your torso past the golf ball, then by all means do so, but don't strain yourself because you could injure yourself. Overtime, you will be able to turn your torso a long ways. This exercise will increase your flexibility and you should begin to notice a slight difference in your driving distance. If you do, then that means you have increased your golf swing speed. This is a simple golf tip for beginners and if you have a tip to increase golf swing speed, please let us know!

Golf Swing Speed Trainer
In addition to doing exercises and stretches to improve golf swing speed, you can also purchase a golf swing training aid. These devices will help you to gain strength which ultimately can help you to gain distance off the tee. A swing trainer can be one of the best ways in improving golf swing speed. There are two companies that come to mind that make products that will allow you to do this. One is called Momentus, and the other is called Medicus. They both are swing speed trainers and they can help you to become a power hitter. Give these products a try and you'll be amazed at the distance you may get due to an increase in golf swing speed.

Update: If you are looking to add distance to your drives then check out this: 5 keys to distance


  1. great site,we could all do with improveing our swing,wellespecaily me ha ha

  2. Good tips. Golf is a great game. But i find it a bit boring to watch as compared to other sports.

  3. I love to watch gold. I often watch it on TV. I am a great fan of tiger woods too. Great work keep posting!