Saturday, March 28, 2009

Magnetic Ion Bracelets-I Bought One

Magnetic Ion Technology
If you have been following along with my posts you may have noticed my interest in magnetic ion bracelets. My wife bought me a golf glove with negative ion technology built into it and I have been wearing it when I play golf or when I am practicing, but I don't think I have had it on long enough to know if it is working yet. So I decided to buy a bracelet that had positive magnets in it. That way I could wear it all the time to see if I can feel any difference with it.

Magnetic Golf Bracelet
I was in Orlando and my wife and I we're shopping around at a flea market and I came across a booth that was selling magnetic and copper bracelets. The magnetic bracelets had a sign near them that claimed that they are good for athletes, such as golfers. The price was only $25 and the magnets seemed to be pretty strong, so I bought it. I like the look of it, it is silver and very well built. I figured that if the magnetic ion therapy ended up being useless at least the bracelet still looked nice and I could still wear it for fashionable purposes.

Magnetic Therapy Results
Well, I have been wearing the bracelet none stop for 2 weeks now and I have to admit that I haven't really noticed any difference. Every so often I test the strength of the magnets to make sure that they still work and they are still very strong. Maybe it is too soon to notice anything. I am going to continue to wear it and if I start to notice any results, positive or negative, I will post about it. If you wear one and you feel that they work I would like to hear from you about how long it took before you started noticing a difference. If I don't feel anything after a few months, I plan on buying a negative ion bracelet to see if it has any affect. In time, I will be able to make the determination of whether or not, magnetic ion bracelets, work for me.


  1. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Magnetic Ion Bracelets. Thanks for informative article

  2. Really good. Thanks for the info. Great

  3. I don't think the magnets work. I've tried magnetic therapy and have never seen results. Thanks for your reviews though.

  4. My dad is a weekend golfer and had a really badly smashed up knee from a car accident in the 90s - he bought a magnetic knee brace and it's got rid of nearly all his pain. Magnets DO work!

  5. You know, 2 weeks should be sufficient time to tell a difference already, although I have heard of 21 day cleanses, so I'd give it another week.

  6. See that is the strange thing about these bracelets. I have met people who swear by them, and others that equate them to snake oil. Perhaps it is placebo effect? Or is there something about some people that makes it work for them, while being completely ineffective on others.