Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Newbie Questions That Golfers Ask-Here are Some Tips

Noob Questions
Newbie golfers usually have a lot of questions. Like how do you keep score in golf? Do you need to have a gap wedge in your bag? How often should you practice your short game? Should you buy golf shoes that have a water proof warranty? How far does the average golfer hit their golf clubs?

Questions like these, and others like them, are very important for beginners to the game of golf to ask. If you are new to the game do you have any questions that you have searched the internet for? If you have, what were they? Feel free to leave the questions you have asked in the comments field. By all of us asking the questions, maybe a newbie will come across a question that he was looking for an answer to. If he knows the question, then perhaps we can help them find the answer.

I have started another blog that answers the question about golf club distances, I hope in time, the blog will give noobs the answers they are looking for in regards to how far an average golfer hits his golf clubs. Go over and check it out and feel free to leave a comment in regards to how far you hit your clubs. I am doing research and in time I am going to post a chart that newbies can use to help them see if they are falling within the averages.

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