Thursday, April 30, 2009

Las Vegas Golf Club-Local Area Course

“The Muni”
The first golf course that I am focusing on in the Las Vegas area is the Las Vegas Golf Club. It is affectionately referred to as "The Muni" because it is a municipal golf course, open to the public, and owned by the city of Las Vegas. What this means is it is a course that is kept in pretty good shape because it bears the name and the reputation of Las Vegas. It is the oldest golf course in the Valley, and it opened way back in 1938. It recently underwent a $5 million face lift and many have found it to be a great course to view and to play. It also hosts the Nevada State Amateur Tournament every year.

Las Vegas Golf Club Description
It is a flat desert course that has wide fairways which are lined with oak trees and pine trees. For a city owned golf course it has excellent greens, in fact, one golfer said, "I have never seen a municipal owned golf course take such good care of its greens."

As you play golf, you are surrounded by the desert and mountains can be seen in the background. The prices to play are fair and the staff is top notch. One golfer is quoted as saying, "Can't beat the price. Good people employed, I play there all the time..." And another golfer said something similar, "I recommend LVGC to everyone who loves to golf and expects great service."

Besides the beautiful surroundings, the greens, the staff, and the fair prices, the Las Vegas Golf Club also offers a lighted driving range. The course is situated 7.9 miles from the center of North Las Vegas, making it very accessible to go play and to be back into town for Las Vegas' other entertainment.

Negative Feedback
I was surprised that I did not find a lot of golf course reviews for the Las Vegas Golf Club. Most of the ones that I did find were very positive but I did come across a few that had some negative things to say about the course. One person mentioned that it was just a typical municipal course and that he complained about the slow play. Another talked about the condition of the fairways during June to August. He said, "the course burns up every year from June to August. So avoid this course during those months." Obviously this happens because of the hot desert atmosphere, so I thought I would include it in my review so other golfers would be aware of this occurrence.

Las Vegas Golf Club Address, Prices, and Course Information
4300 W Washington Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107
Phone(s): (702)646-3003

Green fees $69-$89, $49-$69 twilight.

Bermuda grass
Silver Tees-Par 72, 5260 Yards, Rating/Slope: 69.9/113
Black Tees-Par 72, 5917 Yards, Rating/Slope: 68.1/105
Gold Tees-Par 72, 6319 Yards, Rating/Slope: 70.0/112

So from what I can see the Las Vegas Golf Club is a pretty good local area golf course to play. It has beautiful scenery, fair prices, it is open to the public, and the staff is very nice.

The next Las Vegas Area Golf Course that I will be collecting information about will be the Wynn Golf Club.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Final List of Las Vegas Area Golf Courses

Golf Course List in Las Vegas Area
Here is my final list of golf courses that I have found listed for the Las Vegas Area. I'm sure there are a few more than what I have found. But that is all the ones I am going to include in my Las Vegas golf course directory. It took me a while to compile this list of golf courses in the Las Vegas area, but it has been fun and I look forward to now analyzing each one of them to see which ones are open to the public, how much the rates are to play golf there, and if they have gotten nice reviews by golfers that have played on them. So here is my final list:

Las Vegas Area Golf Course Directory

Rhodes Ranch Golf Club
Bear's Best Las Vegas Golf Club
Palm Valley Golf Course
Badlands Golf Club (Outlaw)
Badlands Golf Club (Diablo)
Badlands Golf Club (Desperado)
Angel Park Golf Club (Cloud Nine)
Angel Park Golf Club (Palm)
Angel Park Golf Club (Mountain)
Las Vegas Country Club
Las Vegas National Golf Club
Desert Pines Golf Club

Las Vegas Golf Course Reviews
I will be doing 2 upcoming reviews soon. The owner of a golf site that offers golf tournament tickets for PGA Golf, told me a little about the Las Vegas Golf Club, so I will be doing a review of that site first. And the owner of the site that talks about the Acai berry, suggested the Wynn Golf Club. That golf course will be my second review.

I look forward to hearing from you if you have played any of these golf courses in the Las Vegas area. If you have heard about any them I'd like to hear about that as well. Once I have made it through my list for Las Vegas I will move onto other areas around the United States.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Learn to Play Golf on a 1-to-1 Basis

Learn Golf on a 1-to-1 Basis
Newbies should take this tip to heart: learn to play golf on a 1-to-1 basis. What do I mean by that? You can learn to play golf by taking lessons with a professional one on one. A few golf lessons with a PGA Pro can make a world of difference when it comes to your golf game. Many offer lessons at a reduced rate right now and you can get a pretty good deal learning how to putt, drive the ball, hit your irons, chip, pitch, hit out of bunkers, etc.

Play the Game by Learning Different Parts of the Game
Save your green fee money for a few weeks and invest that money into getting a lesson or two. Last summer I did this and took a 1 hour course on how to chip the golf ball. It was pretty basic information, but I was making a few mistakes and I learned where to place the ball in my stance when I face particular situations. The lesson was only $35 but I learned quite a bit. The Pro that I took lessons from moved though and I will have to find another one that I'm comfortable with. But I plan on taking a lesson on how to hit my golf ball out of a bunker. I really struggle with this part of my game so it should be good.

Playing Golf is More Fun When You Learn From a Pro

I play golf with a lot of people that constantly give me tips. Sometimes these tips help, but I think it is so much better to learn to play the game of golf correctly from a professional. I really had a good time learning from the lesson I took and it has helped my game tremendously.

Give golf lessons a try. Learn to play golf on a 1-to-1 basis with a golf Professional and you will gradually fine tune your game, which in time will make the game much more fun.

Friday, April 10, 2009

More Golf Courses in the Las Vegas Area

Las Vegas Area Golf Courses
I have found a few more Las Vegas area golf courses. Like I said in my previous post, once I have listed out the most popular Las Vegas Golf Courses, I will then go through them and do an internet review of each one of them. I don't live in the Las Vegas area so I can't go to each golf course, but I can do an extensive search on the internet to see what people are saying about the courses. I will try to find unique features of each course and how much it costs to play them, as well as find out if they can be played by the public or not.

Golf Course List

I have found a few more golf courses and some of them sound familiar to me. It is a possibility that they are played by some of the Tours. Here are the other golf courses I came across:

Southern Highlands Golf Course
Highland Falls Golf Club
Spanish Trail Golf & Country Club (Lakes Course)
Spanish Trail Golf & Country Club (Canyon Course)
Spanish Trail Golf & Country Club (Sunrise Course)
Royal Links Golf Club
Red Rock Country Club (Arroyo Course)
Red Rock Country Club (Mountain Course)
TPC Las Vegas
Desert Rose Golf Course
Las Vegas Golf Club
The Wynn Golf Club
TPC at Summerlin

Las Vegas Area Golf
I would love to go to Las Vegas one day and perhaps play a few of these courses, but until then all I am able to do is research on them. If you live in the Las Vegas area and you have played any of these golf courses please fill us in on how you feel about them. If you have visited Las Vegas and have played any of these courses, again, let us know about it.

I will continue to find Las Vegas area Golf Courses and I will make another post listing these as well. Until next time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Las Vegas Area Golf Courses

Golf Courses in Vegas
Not only is Las Vegas known for gambling, spectacular shows, and night life, they are also known for a lot of golf courses. And when I say golf courses, I mean golf courses. Over the next few posts I am going to be listing out a number of those golf courses that beginners, newbies, novices, intermediate, low handicappers, and professionals can play. I'm not sure which ones are the best or if they are in good shape, and I'm hoping that my readers, if they have played any of these courses, can tell us more about them. I am going to be making a trip sometime in the future and I want to play at least one of these golf courses and I want to play one that is in great shape and is fair in price.

Las Vegas Golf Courses
When it comes to having a good time and doing it for a pretty fair price, Vegas is the place to go. Even if you don't gamble, there is so many other things that you can do to fill your time. Golf is one of them. Here is a list of local Las Vegas area golf courses:

Golf Courses
Aliante Golf Club
Sienna Golf Club
Painted Desert Golf Club
Los Prados Golf Course
Shadow Creek Golf Club
Silverstone Golf Club (Mountain Course)
Silverstone Golf Club (Valley Course)
Silverstone Golf Club (Desert Course)
Durango Hills Golf Club
Bali Hai Golf Course
Craig Ranch Golf Course
Eagle Crest Golf Club
Canyon Gate Country Club
Stallion Mountain Country Club
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort (Wolf Course)
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort (Snow Mountain Course)
Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort (Sun Mountain Course)

Golf in Las Vegas
I am not sure which golf courses in Las Vegas are private courses or which ones are public courses. In my next post I will list a few more golf courses in Las Vegas and hopefully I will be able to give a review on a few of these courses. I want to know which ones are affordable and which ones anyone can play. If you love golf and you love Las Vegas then take a chance and play some Las Vegas area golf courses.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Golf Putting Tips for Beginners-Don't Do This

Putting Tip-Avoid This
I came across a putting tip that I think beginners of golf should avoid. It's shown in this picture of Camilo Villegas (Click on the Image to Enlarge it). I had to take a second look because I couldn't believe my eyes. Take a look at what he is doing to the surface of the green with his putter head. Am I dreaming or is he putting a dent in the green? I'm assuming that this is a result of him balancing his body weight on his putter to be able to read the slope of the green, while not getting his outfit dirty. The green must be very soft because it looks like he is sinking down about a half inch.

Camilo Villagas and Putting
Please don't think that I am not a fan of Camilo. He is a tremendous golfer and he has made a big name for himself in golf since coming off the Nationwide Tour and joining the PGA Tour. His record is outstanding and the way he finished the 2008 season was remarkable. I have seen him play in person and I have seen his fan base. The crowd, or should I say the crowd of girls, that follows him is impressive! I love his outfits, I respect his attitude, and I admire his golf skills. But this photo bothers me.

I played golf with a golf course superintendent once who counseled me not to lean on my putter while on the green because it can leave dents in the green. He told me that even slight dents on the surface of the green will damage it. You may not be able to see it, but within a few days it can become visible. And if you dent it enough, it can take weeks for it to repair itself. He also pointed out to me not to lean on my putter when I bend over to get my golf ball out of the hole. This leaves minor impressions on the green that can mess up other peoples putts. This can cause the ball to bounce or to change its course just enough to miss the hole.

I have never forgotten that advice or tip and when I see other people doing it I try to nicely inform them. I am going to pay attention real close when Camilo plays to see if this is actually what is happening, and I would like to know what he does if does leave a dent on the green. Does he fix it with a divot repair tool, or does he just leave it?

Beginners-Don't Do It!
So beginners take this advice and remember it and pass it on to others. The putting surface is very delicate and we want to do everything we can to protect it. Try to copy Camilos golf game, but don't copy his 'on the green slope reading trick'. I'm sure it's not good for the green and besides, most of us are not anywhere near his physical conditioning to even try this for ourselves. I know I'm not! That is my golf putting tip for beginners today.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learn How to Play Golf with Composure

Play Golf with Composure
If you have been playing golf for any length of time you no doubt can relate with what I am going to talk about. No matter what level we play at we have all had times when the game of golf has caused us to lose our composure. I know I have! One time I had 5 holes in a row where I ended up driving my golf ball straight right and every time it would end up deep in the woods and my score just went down the tubes. I felt like breaking my driver in half. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Learn to Play with Composure
I will admit that even though I am still learning how to play golf, I, at times, still get frustrated and upset when I have a few bad shots. One bad shot usually doesn't get my feathers in a ruffle, but when I end up having one shot after another my blood pressure begins to rise and so does my temper. I'm not violent or anything, but I become very frustrated at myself and I just want to walk off the golf course and never come back. But lately I have been trying something that has helped me to play the game of golf with composure.

My Tip to Help Gain Composure While Playing Golf
I decided that I had to learn to live with my bad shots. You certainly cannot get it back once you have made your swing. Once the golf ball leaves your clubface you are never going to get that shot back. So if I hit a bad shot I'll take a deep breath and slowly say to myself, "just let it go." Then I immediately take 2 swings with whatever club that I have in my hands. I make the swings very vigorously. Then I take a third swing but this time I make sure that I swing under complete control, as if I was taking a mulligan shot and redoing the stroke. I concentrate on making a better swing than I previously did. Then I go find my ball and I continue to play normally. I have only had to do this twice but both times I was able to recover my composure and thankfully my next shots turned out OK.

Learning how to play golf is not easy and what makes it even harder is having to also play with your emotions. But if you can learn to play golf with composure at all times I believe all of us could improve our golf scores. Try my technique for maintaining composure as you learn to play golf, and hopefully it will help you to enjoy the game even more.