Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learn How to Play Golf with Composure

Play Golf with Composure
If you have been playing golf for any length of time you no doubt can relate with what I am going to talk about. No matter what level we play at we have all had times when the game of golf has caused us to lose our composure. I know I have! One time I had 5 holes in a row where I ended up driving my golf ball straight right and every time it would end up deep in the woods and my score just went down the tubes. I felt like breaking my driver in half. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Learn to Play with Composure
I will admit that even though I am still learning how to play golf, I, at times, still get frustrated and upset when I have a few bad shots. One bad shot usually doesn't get my feathers in a ruffle, but when I end up having one shot after another my blood pressure begins to rise and so does my temper. I'm not violent or anything, but I become very frustrated at myself and I just want to walk off the golf course and never come back. But lately I have been trying something that has helped me to play the game of golf with composure.

My Tip to Help Gain Composure While Playing Golf
I decided that I had to learn to live with my bad shots. You certainly cannot get it back once you have made your swing. Once the golf ball leaves your clubface you are never going to get that shot back. So if I hit a bad shot I'll take a deep breath and slowly say to myself, "just let it go." Then I immediately take 2 swings with whatever club that I have in my hands. I make the swings very vigorously. Then I take a third swing but this time I make sure that I swing under complete control, as if I was taking a mulligan shot and redoing the stroke. I concentrate on making a better swing than I previously did. Then I go find my ball and I continue to play normally. I have only had to do this twice but both times I was able to recover my composure and thankfully my next shots turned out OK.

Learning how to play golf is not easy and what makes it even harder is having to also play with your emotions. But if you can learn to play golf with composure at all times I believe all of us could improve our golf scores. Try my technique for maintaining composure as you learn to play golf, and hopefully it will help you to enjoy the game even more.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I was at a golfing weekend last weekend and completely lost it on the 18th on the 2nd day and didn't even finish the hole. I vowed I'd NEVER play another round of golf again before having some lessons. The only problem is that I have an old friend visiting me next weekend and a round of golf is obligatory. I'll have to go despite not having time for a lesson in the meantime.

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