Sunday, May 31, 2009

Siena Golf Club Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Area Golf Course-Siena Golf Club
The Siena Golf Club is a popular golf club that places you in the famous Summerlin neighborhood. One golfer who played Siena made this comment about the Summerlin neighborhood, "the biggest problem with the course is the proximity of homes on almost all holes. A wayward shot will easily end up in someones backyard so be careful." I've played similar courses with homes very close to the fairways and you do have to be extremely careful with your drives. But I never saw it as a problem, but rather another challenge.

The same golfer went on to say, "on the day we visited the course was in quite poor condition and play was very slow, so much so that we abandoned the game after 14 holes." Now that kind of a review bothered me, but as I continued to do research, I found that others found the course in great condition and the pace of play fine. It is a possibility that it may have been the time of year when the courses suffer from heat. I would suggest that you call in advance to get an honest opinion on the courses condition prior to making a tee time.

I discovered that the prices to play this golf course varies from $59 -$189, depending on the time of year and time of day. The later in the day, the cheaper it is to play. So if you want to save yourself some money, book a tee time later in the day.

Siena Golf Club Features
The Siena Golf Course sounds like it would be fun to play. As you make your way around the course, you are given views of the towering Spring Mountains as a backdrop as well as views of the city. A pleasant focal point is that of Lake Siena, which is a quarter-mile-long lake with cascading waterfalls on the 1st hole of the golf course. That sounds beautiful, don't you think?

I came across this fabulous tip: avoid the rough as much as possible. It is very strong and it will affect your golf score very much. Concentrate on keeping your golf ball in the fairway, and you will do just fine. Isn't that what I have stressed over and over for beginners of the golf? Also, if you happen to miss greens, you may find your golf ball in very deep green side bunkers. Better practice up on your bunker play if you want to do well at the Siena Golf Club.

The course is 6,816 yards long and it plays as a par 72. The course rating is 71.5 and it has a slope rating of 129.

Siena Golf Club Address and Phone Number
10575 Siena Monte Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89135
(888) 689-6469

Siena Golf Club Conclusion

The price to play this course may be a bit steep for some players, but if you play your cards right, you may get a great deal. I would love to play this course simply for the views and the strategy of playing amongst the Summerlin homes.

My research helped me to realize that this course has a sister course. The Arroyo Golf Course. It is listed under the Red Rock Country Club, with Arroyo mentioned and the Mountain course mentioned. I will do my reviews of those two Las Vegas area golf courses next.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aliante Golf Club Las Vegas

Aliante Golf Club
The Aliante Golf Club is located in the North Las Vegas Area, which places it about 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. It was built in 2003 and was selected by the Vegas Golfer Magazine as the "Best New Course in Las Vegas".

I couldn't find a whole lot of comments by people that have played this course but I did manage to find a few. One player said, "Aliante is a little out of the way, but it was well worth the trip." And another made this comment, "Nothing to write home about, but worth the price of admission for sure."

Golf Course Features
The course is a par-72, 7,022-yard layout. It was designed by renowned architect Gary Panks and it is managed by OB Sports Golf Management. You are surrounded by spectacular views of desert and of the Sheep Mountains and their 10,000-foot peaks. There are four sets of tee boxes, all having their own names: Eagle, Falcon, Hawk and Dove. The yardages range from 7,022 to 5,340 yards. One golfer made this remark about the fairways, "straight hitters will have a field day. If you slice or hook you will not enjoy the rocks on the sides of the fairways."

One playing tip that I came across gave this warning: "On most tee boxes, it's bombs away, other than perhaps the par-5 third, which features a dry rock bed that darts across the fairway at about 280-300 yards. It's blind, too, so consult your stroke saver before assuming driver is the play."

The course features a driving range, a short game area which has a putting and chipping green as well as a practice bunker. For food there is a bar and grill with a full lunch and dinner menu.

A few sites that I visited, mentioned a meandering rock lined arroyo which crosses the fairways of 14 holes at Aliante Golf Club. I guess I must be kind of dumb because I was not sure what an arroyo was. So I looked it up and it is defined as 'A deep gully cut by an intermittent stream; a dry gulch.' That gave me a little bit better understanding of what they were talking about and I hope it helps you as well.

Aliante Golf Club statistics and Prices
Here is a box that features the golf courses statistics:

I couldn't find a definite price to play Aliante, however the prices seem to range from as low as $25 to as high as $140, depending on the season. If you go to the Aliante Golf Club website you will find some pretty good deals. When I checked, you could play for $85. Not a bad price.

Aliante Golf Club
3100 E. Elkhorn
North Las Vegas, NV 89084
(866) 447-4653

Las Vegas Area Golf Course Conclusion
The Aliante Golf Club doesn't sound real impressive, but for the price it may be worth trying out. I'm sure it suffers from the elements of the desert sun and heat and may at times have burnt fairways and greens. I'd suggest calling ahead of time to find out the current condition of the course.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this small review of the Aliante Golf Club. The next Las Vegas Area Golf Course that I will find information about will be the Siena Golf Club.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Las Vegas Wynn Golf Course Review

The "Wynn"-A Fabulous Las Vegas Area Golf Course

The Wynn Golf Club or the Wynn Golf and Country Club, is one of only two golf courses on the Las Vegas Strip. The other is called Bali Hai Golf Club. Unfortunately, this course is a private golf course, but you can play it if you are a guest at the Wynn Hotel Casino. How much does it cost to play? If you have $500, you can play. I did come across an insider secret! There are times when you can play the Wynn during the middle of the week without having to be a guest AND midweek golf is lower in price. (Not sure what the lower price is though). I cannot guarantee nor verify that tip, but I thought I’d pass it on to you. If you know more about it, let us all know.

Features of the “Wynn”

This is a fairly new golf course. It opened for play in 2005. It sits on top of the historic Desert Inn Golf Club. The landscape of the Wynn Golf Club features waterfalls, streams and a forest of trees. Some of the comments that I read online mentioned how you do not feel like you are in downtown Las Vegas. The elevation changes are described as “dramatic”, something that is considered impossible on the Strip.

Here are a few things that are included with your $500 green fee: a personal caddy, golf shoes, golf clubs, cart rental, and a full service locker room.

Something else that is unique about being on the course is you cannot take pictures while out on the course. A sign says, “"NO CAMERAS ON GOLF COURSE”. One reason given is because of the high profile celebrities that play on the course. I just received my new Partners golf magazine in the mail and John O’Hurley, an actor who played on Seinfeld, was a dancer on Dancing with the Stars, and I believe is now hosting the Family Feud, is a member of the Wynn Golf Club. So that would make sense that you can’t have your camera on the course. It is supposed to be a safe haven for the rich and famous. NO PAPARAZZI!

Comments About the “Wynn”

I didn’t find a lot of comments or reviews about this course. But I did find some awesome reviews of the restaurant that anyone can eat at called The Country Club Grill. I include it here in my review because the view from eating outside is the 18th green and a spectacular looking waterfall. I have included a picture of it.

But here is a portion of a good review of the course. This gentlemen makes a good point, he said, “From the moment you step into the clubhouse, you are treated like royalty…It is easy to lose $500 in 4 hours sitting at the tables in the casino...why not make the sure bet and go play this great Fazio design?” Makes sense to me!

The Wynn Golf Club Address
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109
Toll Free: (888) 320-7122


The “Wynn” sounds like an extremely awesome golf course and if you have an opportunity to be a guest at the Wynn Resort, why not fork out $500 to play this dramatic course. But since we are in a recession, I’m not planning to play it anytime soon. If you have played it, let us know what you think, and tell us if you came upon anyone famous playing golf.

My next Las Vegas area golf course review will be the Aliante Golf Club. Until next time.