Monday, May 11, 2009

Las Vegas Wynn Golf Course Review

The "Wynn"-A Fabulous Las Vegas Area Golf Course

The Wynn Golf Club or the Wynn Golf and Country Club, is one of only two golf courses on the Las Vegas Strip. The other is called Bali Hai Golf Club. Unfortunately, this course is a private golf course, but you can play it if you are a guest at the Wynn Hotel Casino. How much does it cost to play? If you have $500, you can play. I did come across an insider secret! There are times when you can play the Wynn during the middle of the week without having to be a guest AND midweek golf is lower in price. (Not sure what the lower price is though). I cannot guarantee nor verify that tip, but I thought I’d pass it on to you. If you know more about it, let us all know.

Features of the “Wynn”

This is a fairly new golf course. It opened for play in 2005. It sits on top of the historic Desert Inn Golf Club. The landscape of the Wynn Golf Club features waterfalls, streams and a forest of trees. Some of the comments that I read online mentioned how you do not feel like you are in downtown Las Vegas. The elevation changes are described as “dramatic”, something that is considered impossible on the Strip.

Here are a few things that are included with your $500 green fee: a personal caddy, golf shoes, golf clubs, cart rental, and a full service locker room.

Something else that is unique about being on the course is you cannot take pictures while out on the course. A sign says, “"NO CAMERAS ON GOLF COURSE”. One reason given is because of the high profile celebrities that play on the course. I just received my new Partners golf magazine in the mail and John O’Hurley, an actor who played on Seinfeld, was a dancer on Dancing with the Stars, and I believe is now hosting the Family Feud, is a member of the Wynn Golf Club. So that would make sense that you can’t have your camera on the course. It is supposed to be a safe haven for the rich and famous. NO PAPARAZZI!

Comments About the “Wynn”

I didn’t find a lot of comments or reviews about this course. But I did find some awesome reviews of the restaurant that anyone can eat at called The Country Club Grill. I include it here in my review because the view from eating outside is the 18th green and a spectacular looking waterfall. I have included a picture of it.

But here is a portion of a good review of the course. This gentlemen makes a good point, he said, “From the moment you step into the clubhouse, you are treated like royalty…It is easy to lose $500 in 4 hours sitting at the tables in the casino...why not make the sure bet and go play this great Fazio design?” Makes sense to me!

The Wynn Golf Club Address
3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109
Toll Free: (888) 320-7122


The “Wynn” sounds like an extremely awesome golf course and if you have an opportunity to be a guest at the Wynn Resort, why not fork out $500 to play this dramatic course. But since we are in a recession, I’m not planning to play it anytime soon. If you have played it, let us know what you think, and tell us if you came upon anyone famous playing golf.

My next Las Vegas area golf course review will be the Aliante Golf Club. Until next time.


  1. Wow, seems like a quite nice place :)

    $500 is a bit too much tho... would like to see more of pics of the club tho but it looks quite nice judging by this pic

  2. Oh my God I love the Wynn so much but I had no idea that their golf course was so nice!

  3. Thanks for the review. I am heading to Vegas for my 21st. I want to hit the links when Im there

  4. From the pic it looks really nice but would like to see some more pics

  5. It was interesting to read, thanks :-)

  6. Thanks for the tips, just went out to vegas for the World Series of Golf Tournament, it was awesome.

  7. How funny that I came across this blog with tips for beginner golfers - when I just played/received my first golfing instructions less than a week ago at a nice golf course in central Florida... :)

  8. very interesting, if I can play golf in this place.. so interesting.. Your writing is nice