Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Golf Game Tip-Hit Only a Few Clubs

Beginners Golf Tip
Whether we have played golf for a long time or we are just newbies to the game, we are all looking for tips to improve our game. It's like we are looking for that magic little thing that will take our game to the next level or more. Well, I have a simple golf tip: Keep it Simple!

Simple Tip for Golfers
The best way to improve in the game is to take lessons and then to practice what you have learned. However, there is another way the you can easily improve your golf game. You can do this by taking a good look at the the clubs in your golf bag. A lot of people have the wrong impression that you must have 14 clubs at all times, but this is not true. 14 is just the maximum amount that you are allowed to have, especially in competition. But if you are a beginner in the game of golf, less cam be more.

Simple Beginners Golf Tip
It takes a lot of lessons and practice to be able to hit just one club well in your golf bag and since their are 14 to have to learn, for beginners it can really take a long time and a lot of frustration to be able to hit each club well. So learn to play with less. Most golfers have woods in their bags, for example, a driver, a 3-wood, and a 5-wood. Be honest with yourself and ask, 'which one can I hit the best out of the three?' If you can hit, for instance, your 3-wood the best, then take out the driver and the 5-wood and play a round with just your 3-wood.

Do the same with your long irons. Most sets of golf clubs come with 3-6 irons. Out of those 4 clubs, which one do you hit the best? If it's the 5 iron, then take the others out of your bag and try playing with just the 5.

Now comes the short irons, the 7-9 irons. Which one do you hit the most consistent? Leave the best one in your bag and pull the others out.

When it comes to your wedges, you want to keep all of them in the bag. These clubs should be the easiest to hit and these are your scoring clubs from 100 yards and in.

You need your putter, so don't take this club out of your bag, but focus a lot of practice to the flat stick. If you practice a lot with your wedges and your putter you will make huge improvements in the game of golf in no time.

Simple Golf Tip for Beginners Conclusion
So my simple and easy golf game tip for beginners is to try and hit fewer clubs. You don't have to do this forever, just do it for a few rounds, so that you can see that your score will not suffer, but rather it might even improve. Give this simple golf tip for beginners a try and let me know how you do.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Play the Golf Course at the Red Arroyo Country Club

The Red Rock Country Club
While doing reviews for this Las Vegas golf course, I came across a lot of people that raved about the views that are enjoyed while playing. I am a sucker for mountains and lush green fairways and from the picture you can see that the Arroyo course offers both! There are 2 mountain ranges that are visible while you are playing golf, Spring Mountain and Red Rock Canyon Ranges. The Red Rock Country Club features 2 golf courses. The Arroyo course is a public golf course, whereas the Mountain course is private. Both courses designed by the great Arnold Palmer. The nice thing about having both kinds of golf courses, one private and the other public, you get to experience a true country club atmosphere either way. Since the Mountain course is private, I will only focus on the Arroyo since it is open for play to the public.

Arroyo Course Features
The Arroyo is a short course, with the back tees playing only 6883 yards and plays to a par of 72. You will find a lot of wide fairways but you will also find a lot of bunkers. One site said 68 and another 75! Either way, you better plan on playing from the sand quite a bit. Ouch!

I had to find out what Arroyo meant, so I looked up the definition and it means: "A small steep-walled (usually) dry watercourse with a flat floor. A gulch or gully. Chiefly in the US southwest." The definition was found on a website that features survey units and terms.

Red Rock Country Club Golf Course Prices (Arroyo)
Here is a breakdown of the prices to play Arroyo: Mon-Thurs $129. Fri, Sat, Sun. $139. After 12:00pm during the week $79, and after 2:00pm $59. Fri, Sat, Sun. after 12:00pm, $89, and after 2:00pm $69.

Additional Arroyo Golf Course Information

2250C Red Springs Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(866) 934-4653

Red Rock Country Club Las Vegas Review Conclusion

This course sounds beautiful and since it is a shorter course I probably could score pretty well. I would love the view for sure and since you get to experience a country club atmosphere I say that the price would be considered pretty fair for a Las Vegas Area Golf Course. Have you had the chance to play this course yet?