Thursday, July 2, 2009

Play the Golf Course at the Red Arroyo Country Club

The Red Rock Country Club
While doing reviews for this Las Vegas golf course, I came across a lot of people that raved about the views that are enjoyed while playing. I am a sucker for mountains and lush green fairways and from the picture you can see that the Arroyo course offers both! There are 2 mountain ranges that are visible while you are playing golf, Spring Mountain and Red Rock Canyon Ranges. The Red Rock Country Club features 2 golf courses. The Arroyo course is a public golf course, whereas the Mountain course is private. Both courses designed by the great Arnold Palmer. The nice thing about having both kinds of golf courses, one private and the other public, you get to experience a true country club atmosphere either way. Since the Mountain course is private, I will only focus on the Arroyo since it is open for play to the public.

Arroyo Course Features
The Arroyo is a short course, with the back tees playing only 6883 yards and plays to a par of 72. You will find a lot of wide fairways but you will also find a lot of bunkers. One site said 68 and another 75! Either way, you better plan on playing from the sand quite a bit. Ouch!

I had to find out what Arroyo meant, so I looked up the definition and it means: "A small steep-walled (usually) dry watercourse with a flat floor. A gulch or gully. Chiefly in the US southwest." The definition was found on a website that features survey units and terms.

Red Rock Country Club Golf Course Prices (Arroyo)
Here is a breakdown of the prices to play Arroyo: Mon-Thurs $129. Fri, Sat, Sun. $139. After 12:00pm during the week $79, and after 2:00pm $59. Fri, Sat, Sun. after 12:00pm, $89, and after 2:00pm $69.

Additional Arroyo Golf Course Information

2250C Red Springs Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(866) 934-4653

Red Rock Country Club Las Vegas Review Conclusion

This course sounds beautiful and since it is a shorter course I probably could score pretty well. I would love the view for sure and since you get to experience a country club atmosphere I say that the price would be considered pretty fair for a Las Vegas Area Golf Course. Have you had the chance to play this course yet?


  1. I am not having much more knowledge about the Golf before reading this post after red this post I have got more knowledge and am going to join the Golf club which in my place and start to play!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Course looks great but green fees are steep

  3. There are lots of great golf courses in Arizona too. How about a blog post about some Scottsdale golf clubs?