Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Bump and Run Chip Shot in Golf

How to Play the Bump and Run Chip Shot
If lowering your golf score is something you are searching for, then consider getting better with your short game. An effective short game area is learning how to play the bump and run golf chip shot. Since this is an easy shot to do and it is very effective in lowering your golf show then learning how to bump and run is surely a shot method that beginners in golf ought to consider learning how to do well.

So What is the Bump and Run Golf Shot?
The bump and run is a shot that you use when your ball misses the green but you are just on or near the edge of the green. Most people grab their lob wedge or their sand wedge and they try to fly their golf ball the whole way to the hole with very little roll. You should instead use a straighter-faced club that pops up the ball slightly into the air and onto the green and let it roll the rest of the way to the hole. You can master this short game shot with a 5-iron, a 7-iron, and a 9-iron. You may be wondering 'which club is the best for the bump and run'? I'm here to tell you that you can use all of them! It simply matters how far your golf ball is off the edge of the green. Here are some bump and run chip shot tips that you can use when you are around the green.

When to Bump and Run with a 5-iron
If your golf ball is within 5 yards of the green use your 5 iron to chip with. At this point you are close enough to the green so you won't need a lot of loft to get the ball air-born and landing on the green. Play your golf ball somewhat in the back of the center of your stance and use your shoulders to swing back and through. Keep your hands out of the shot and center on using a pendulum movement much like you would with your putting stroke. So that's how you bump and run with a 5 iron. Now let's talk about your 7 iron.

How to Bump and Run with a 7-iron
If the golf ball is six to nine yards off of the green then bump and run the shot with a 7-iron. Everything about this shot is then played exactly like you would with your 5 iron. The loft of the 7-iron will get the ball onto the green, and it should land softly and roll the rest of the way to the hole.

Bump and Run Golf Chip with a 9-iron
Bump and run your golf ball with your 9-iron if you're 10 to 15 yards away from the green. Play it exactly the as you would your 5-iron and your 7-iron.

Bump and Run Golf Chip Shot Wrap Up
In order to get good at the bump and run golf chip shot you will need to practice. Chipping your golf ball with this method can up your self-confidence while you are playing the short game. Just remember that the total swing feeling is really like putting. This will help reduce having a lot of swing thoughts than what is necessary. Over time you will become very good at this shot and it will bring down your average golf scores. And so get going and practice how to bump and run your golf ball!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Golf Swing Improvement-If You Try You Will Improve

Ways to Make Improvements to Your Golf Swing
Are you like me? I'm always looking for ways to improve my golf swing. I've searched the internet for ways to improve golf swing technique and I have collected a few golfing tips that can help golfers, especially beginners, to develop a good golfswing.

The right approach to golf swing improvement will help determine if your will improve. I believe that each individual has their own unique golf swing and that you can build a better golf swing with the swing that you currently have. But it will take practice!

Golf Swing Technique-Make Improvements
Most golfers are high handicappers and they shoot scores in the 90's and the 100's. A lot of golfers could break 80 if they concentrated on wanting to create a better golf swing. Building your way to golf swing improvement will build your way to lower scores out on the golf course. A better golfer's swing can increase your golf swing power as well, and this can result in longer distance off the tee. So improving your golf swing is a win-win situation but you must improve techniques that you have in your current golf swing.

Build Your Golf Swing with these Improvements
Golfing tips that improve golf swing are found all over the internet. I have collected a few that will make improvement to your golf swing. For example:

Take a close look at your golf clubs. What do you see? Are playing with clubs that are not fitted to your particular golf swing? Perhaps your shaft is too stiff for your golfswing, or maybe it is not stiff enough. Believe it or not, not having the correct shafts for your golf swing, can cause you to have a poor swing. So a way to make your golf swing improve is to check and make sure that your shafts are fitted to your golf swing.

Look at your grips. When you started golfing it's a possibility that you purchased your golf clubs off the rack, and your grips may be too small for your hand, or perhaps they are too large. This too will affect golf swings. A low cost way to create a better golf swing is to get the proper fitting for your golf grips.

Golfers Make Improvements to your Golf Swing
Golfers make improvements to your golf swing by analyzing your ball flight. When you go to the driving range with your golf clubs, you need to have the right approach to golf swing improvement. Be honest with yourself and if your golf swing creates a slice, then improving your golf swing, will help you to reach your goals, such as trying to break 80.

Improve golf swing by doing little things, such as narrowing or widening your golf stance. Stepping closer or further away from the golf ball at address. Closing the clubface of your golf clubs down, or opening them slightly, will affect your ball flight. These are just a few ways to make improvements to your golf swing, that you can do to build a better golf swing.

Improve Techniques With Your Golfswing
Golfing is a fun sport but it can also be irritating when you have a bad golfswing. Take beginner golf lessons if your golf swing is really bad, but even if you just want to make some minor improvements. These golfing tips will not do you any good if you do not make improvement to your golf swing, which comes from hard work, trying to improve techniques, and practicing. So go ahead and create a better golf swing!