Sunday, September 27, 2009

Callaway X18R Irons Review

What are the Callaway X18R Irons?
It appears that Callaway has realized that it has a gap in pricing when it comes to irons. So they took the X18 Pro Series Irons put the regular X18 medallion on them and put the “R” on them to mean R-educed offset.

The Callaway X18R irons are recommended for mid-to-high handicappers, but they are also playable enough for those with a low handicap. They have the traditional Callaway head shape and they come with a nice polished finish. They have a thinner top line, which mid and low handicappers will like. Plus, they feature an Undercut Channel, which is supposed to maximize perimeter weighting and to improve forgiveness. Another feature is the Extreme Notch Weighting. What this does is it moves more weight to the heel and toe of the club giving it increased stability.

The Callaway X18R Irons - 4-SW - Steel Shaft for the avid athlete are priced around $400.


  1. The Callaway X18R Irons sound like a great set. Where would be the place to get the best deal on them?

  2. The X18R Callaway recommended for mid-high handicap, but playable enough for those with a low handicap.

  3. ya i agree with you and ordination too as it seems to be a good set overall :)

  4. Callaway Irons are the only way to go. I swing the x-tours

  5. I'm pretty new to golf and definately going to give these clubs a try.