Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Short Game Drills for Golf

Short Game Drills
  • Driving Range Drill from 100 Yards
  • Golf Course Drill from 100 Yards

  • If you have played the game of golf for any length of time, you no doubt have heard that you need to learn to practice short game drills, especially from 100-yards and in. So I decided to put together a golf game exercise that focuses on the 100-yard marker. You can practice this drill at your local driving range or better yet when you are out on the golf course. Practicing this exercise on the golf course is the best way to perform the drill, but don’t slow up play just to do it. If you are in a group and there are golfers behind you then I suggest you wait and practice on the driving range. If you want to practice these short game drills at the golf range then see bullet point number 1. If you want to practice these short game drills while out on the golf course then see bullet point number 2.

    Driving Range Drill from 100 Yards

    Purchase a bucket of balls (I recommend a small bucket) and find a spot on the driving range where you are in line with the 100-yard marker. It would help if you have a digital range finder. If you do, then verify the distance from you and the marker. Another way to do this is pick a spot anywhere on the range that measures 100-yards. If you don’t have a range finder, don’t worry, just concentrate on the marker that is available to you, it should be pretty close.

    Always begin doing exercises or drills by warming up. Perform some stretches to loosen you lower back, your hips, and your shoulders. Now warm up further by hitting 2 balls each with your 8-iron, your 9-iron, your pitching wedge (PW), and your sand wedge (SW). Don’t worry about aiming at a target just yet. The purpose of this is just to make sure you are properly warmed up.

    Begin the drill by taking 2 golf balls each time and starting with your 8-iron aim directly at the 100-yard marker. Try to land as close as possible to the marker. Now take 2 more balls, and try to land 10 yards beyond the marker. Take another 2 and try to hit them 10 yards short of the marker. Take another 2 and hit them left of the marker, and finally 2 more but this time hit right of the marker. Don’t worry about being extremely accurate just yet. Short game accuracy will come in time if you continue to practice these short game drills.

    Do this short game drill again but this time use your 9-iron. When you are done with your 9-iron move onto your PW and conclude with your SW.

    Golf Course Drill from 100 Yards

    You can practice these exercises or drills while out on the golf course. But you will want to make sure that you are not holding up your group or the group(s) behind you just to perform it.

    You can practice this short game drill while out playing a normal round of golf. As you approach the 100-yard markers on each hole that has one, take an extra golf ball out (keep an extra one in your pocket for this short game drill) and drop it near the marker. Take your 8-iron and aim for the center of the green. Swing away. Finish the hole out with your original ball, but don’t forget to pick up your practice ball. On the next hole, use your 8-iron again, but with this attempt try to hit your golf ball to the back of the green. On the next hole focus on hitting to the front of the green. Then on the next hole, try to land your ball left of the center of the green, and then on the next hole following that one, land to the right of the center of the green.

    Keep going through this same practice routine until you have finished your round.

    The next time you play a round of golf, you will then use your 9-iron for your short game drill. Then on another day use your PW, and so on.

    Short Game Drills Conclusion
    What will you accomplish with these short game drills? These exercises help you to develop feel with your short irons. Most people pull the same club from one distance but these drills will help you to develop the feel to hit the same yardage(s) with different clubs. Using a longer club like your 8-iron will result in you having a lower ball flight, perfect for situations that call for a lower flight, such as if you are hitting into the wind. Using a shorter club will allow you to hit the ball higher, allowing you to stop the ball faster on the green.

    I want to add one thing to these short game drills that is very important! Don’t alter your back swing to hit farther or shorter. Adjust your hands on the grip down a little bit or hit slightly harder. You want to be able to hit the same shot over and over again with pretty much the same repeatable swing. These drills to improve short game are perfect for anyone trying to learn how to break 100 in golf. Good luck with your golf game and in practicing these easy short game drills!

    If you are new to golf, you may want to check out this golf instruction DVD.


    1. "Adjust your hands on the grip down a little bit or hit slightly harder."
      It's easier to say than actually to do it! Especially the "movement-connection" with the backswing is kind'a hard for me! What advice do you have for people whose backswing is not straight lined?

    2. You're right, I can't afford to waste my time on golf. I've got a much more interesting. It takes more physical skill too. I hope you drive your golf cart into a dirty pond and get leeches all over.

    3. I never play golf but i want to learn golf really it is good information for beginners thanks for sharing

    4. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of Golf.It will really help those people who are learning Golf

    5. I have This Hook I just cannot seem to get rid of. I have started to just expect it and aim accordingly. I do like your idea for short game drills.

      1. I am a former pga club pro. hooking and slicing are due to incorrect face angle, and pushes and pulls are due to swing plane angle. if you are hooking your grip is to strong, get your hands more on top of the grip.

    6. A very easy explanation in the know, thanks.

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    9. Short game drills, long game drills. Golf is such a difficult and expensive sport to master. Maybe one day I will just get out there and get started.