Sunday, November 1, 2009

Adjust your Grip to Improve your Golf Score

Control Your Distance by Adjusting Your Grip
I have been working toward improving my golf score by finding out the average distances that I hit each club in my golf bag. In fact, I just recently finished posting my iron yardage distances over on my other blog. By knowing how far I hit each club I am better able to zone in on hitting better shots. But you can fine tune your club distances even more by adjusting your grip.

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Grip Adjustment and Distance Control

I hit my 8 iron an average of 126 yards and I hit my 9 iron an average of 115 yards. The distance between those clubs is 11 yards. So if I come across a yardage that is 120 yards, for example, I could try and hit my 9 iron harder or I could hit my 8 iron softer. But I have found that you can make a more accurate swing by simply adjusting your grip. What I mean by that is, simply move your hands a half inch farther down on your grip. By doing this, you take off approximately 5 yards from your shot but you don't have to change your swing. You can still make a full swing and not have to worry about hitting harder or softer. When I do this, I am able to hit my 8 iron about 120 yards. You can move your hands down an additional half inch to take off another 5 yards. And you can do this with almost every club in your bag (minus the putter of course). It's almost like your adding 2 more golf clubs in between each club.

Improved Golf Score
I am amazed at how accurate this little golf tip is and I believe this can benefit all golfers, especially beginners and newbies. But you may be wondering, 'how can this improve my golf score?' I thought of a few examples that can show how this could improve your score.

Imagine, if your would, that I am playing from the fairway for my second shot and there is a nice breeze coming from behind me, which would carry my ball farther. I figure that the wind may push my ball a good 5 to 7 yards. If my yardage was, let's say, 126 yards to the center of the green, I would normally hit a full 8 iron. But since the wind is helping from behind, it could send my ball to the back of the green or even off of the back of the green. So I would adjust my hands on my grip about a half inch farther down on the shaft, which should take about 5 yards off of the shot, and then I would make my normal full shot. Hopefully the wind would push my ball the additional 5 yards and I would get a 125 to 126 yard shot that would land in the center of the green. All without having to hit a softer iron shot.

Another golf score improvement shot might come when the wind is in your face, or if, for some reason, you need to keep your golf ball flight down, like if your playing from under the trees (which I find myself doing a lot of the times, haha). So here is another real world scenario. Imagine that I have driven my golf ball the the right and it came to rest underneath some trees. I have a somewhat clear shot to the green but I will need to keep my golf ball kind of low to avoid hitting some branches. Let's say I am 115 yards from the centre of the green, and that normally would be a full 9 iron shot for me. But the loft of the 9 iron may send my ball too high. So what I would do in this situation is take my 8 iron (which I normally hit 126 yards with a full shot) and would place my hands about an inch farther down shaft than I normally would. I would then make a full shot. Choking down an inch on the shaft should result in a shot that is 10 yards shorter than my average, resulting in a 116 yard shot, but with a lower ball flight, hopefully missing the branches.

Adjust your Grip to Improve your Golf Score
I'm sure I will find other areas that this golf tip method may come in handy. But it certainly makes a point that beginners should learn the average distance of each golf club. By knowing these numbers, you will be able to make fine tuned adjustments in your swing that can result in more accuracy thus resulting in an improved golf score. I recommend that you find an open field or a fairway where you can take the time to find your average distances. Write them down for future references. I printed mine out on a sheet of paper and cut it out and taped it to my golf shaft so that when I look down my shaft from address, I can instantly see my average. This makes it easier for me to know how to adjust my grip for yardage changes as well. Once I see the number, I just minus 5 yards or 10 yards off the number.

Beginners, try this golf tip and let me know what you think about it. If you have tried this, or you currently do this, give us your comments about how it has helped your game or if it has improved your golf score. Can you come up with other areas in the game where this may prove to be helpful?


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