Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To Break Par In a Year

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  • In One Year You Can Break Par in Golf

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  • Break Par In a Year
    I came across an affiliate link and a book entitled Dream On: The Challenge to Break Par in a Year that comes from a guy that claims that he was able to break par in golf in a year. The guys name is John Richardson, and his story has been featured in all kinds of golf magazines, such as Golfer, Golf Digest, Golf World, and was also featured on BBC television, twice! What he essentially claims is that he has viewed a lot of DVD's, read a lot of books, picked up a number of golf tips, and has narrowed down the things that actually work. He, in essence, has done all the leg work for us beginners of golf and has come up with a tried and tested method of breaking par.

    In One Year You Can Break Par in Golf

    His landing page has a video that is quite humorous. Click here if you would like to view it for yourself. Now does it mean that because he has a funny video that his method of breaking par works? Not necessarily but he has gotten my attention. What I was wondering is, have any of you tried his methods? If so, did you find that they worked, or is it a big scam?

    How To Break Par In a Year Conclusion

    I am going to give it some time before I sign up for his Free Stuff Page. I am going to do some more research and talk to a few more people first. Please feel free to try it for yourself and if you do, give me your feedback. If anybody comes back with a positive report I'll do a review of his stuff and post it here on Golf Tips for Beginners. If I find out that it is a big scam I will also post my thoughts on it as well. So let me know if you can break par in a year!

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