Sunday, February 14, 2010

Beginners Consider Golf Clone Components

Golf Clone Components

A lot of golfers have heard of clone golf clubs. Clones clubs are generics compared to the original designs that they were taken from , but for golfing beginners they are perfect. If were to consider buying clone golf clubs you will save yourself some money.

You can even get these clubs custom fit for you swing, making them perfect to learn the game of golf with. If you want to build your own golf clubs, you can even purchase golf clone components and put together you own clone sets. Clone golf club components are very cheap to buy and with a little bit knowledge of how to put a golf club together you could have a really nice set of custom made golf clubs all made to look the original brand name but made from nothing but golf clone components.

Golf Clone Company
Pinemeadow Golf is a company that offers completed clones. They look like the originals and for a beginner they will play like the brand name clubs that they clone. If you are looking to get into the game of golf and you are just starting out consider getting some clone golf clubs, which include drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and even putters.

The reason why they are good is because they are made from the same materials as the original. They are nearly as good as the original golf clubs. You get knock off golf clubs that look like the original, play like the original, but don't cost nearly as much as the original. And almost every manufacture has a company that clones them. From Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, to Ping.

Golf club clones are very reliable and would be a perfect choice for a beginner. You will find great benefit in using such cheap golf clubs sets, whether you were to buy them pre-assembled, or whether you buy golf clone components and make your own golf clubs. Either way, you will be getting great clubs at a discount price. And also, don't forget to check out the latest golf practice equipment!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Get to Know the Distances You Hit Your Golf Clubs

If you have played the game of golf for any length of time, you would no doubt agree with me that it can be an awesome game but at the same time it can frustrate the snot out of you! One area of frustration comes from players not knowing the average distance they hit each club in their bag. Have you ever stood in the fairway after pacing out the yards you have to hit to the center of the green, and realize you are not sure which club to hit? This could be because you are not familiar with how far you hit each club.

So what is an easy way to figure your average distance? One way is to go to your local driving range, however, this may not be the best choice because you cannot really get an accurate reading on how far you hit each club.

So my recommendation, and this is what I did, is to find an open field somewhere. You should be able to find one somewhere near you. Put something on the ground every 10 yards. You can pace out the yards, or you can use a digital range finder, like I did. Once you have your markers set up begin hitting your clubs, starting with your wedges first and then moving up from there. You should end up hitting your driver last. To get a pretty accurate record of how far your hit each club try hitting 25 golf balls at a time. Your area will be pretty spread out, but you want to just determine where the majority of the balls landed. After hitting the balls, go out to where the balls are and take note of which marker(s) you are closest to. Write this information down.

Do not try and do all of your clubs in one day. I recommend that you hit only 4 clubs at a time. The reason I say this is because the more you swing the more tired you will become. And so if you were to hit all of the clubs in your bag in one day, you probably won't get an accurate record, due to fatigue. So, take your time and spread this process out over a few days.

Continue to figure your average distance you hit each golf club every so often. I recommend that you do it at least once a year. The more you do it, the more refined you will become in knowing your distances. In addition, you can do the exact same process again, but this time, focus on hitting half shots and three quarter shots. By doing this, you will really narrow down the average distance you hit each and every golf club in your bag, except your putter of course!