Saturday, March 20, 2010

Improve Your Golf Score-Putting

Putting Drill
If you want to improve your golf score it is imperative that you learn how to putt better. The old adage is 'practice makes perfect' and that is especially true when it comes to putting. Learning to putt from medium to short ranges can lower and improve you overall golf score. Making putts can indeed increase your confidence and with this boost in confidence, you will enjoy the game more. Learning the art of putting is the simplest way to make improvement in golf game.

Here is a putting drill that you can use to help accomplish this. Go to you local practice putting green and take your putter and place the toe into the cup and lay the club onto the ground. Place a tee into the ground near the butt of your putter. Now pick up your putter and place the toe of your putter next to the tee that you just put into the ground. Place another tee into the ground near the butt end of your putter. Do this one more time and now you have 3 distances you can practice your putts with.

Start your putting practice by placing your golf ball near the tee that is closest to the hole. Practice putting from that distance until you make it. When you succeed in making it, move back to the middle tee and continue putting until you make it. Repeat this drill with the final tee. Once you have made it from all three distances pull the tees out of the ground and set it up again on the other side of the hole. This will help you practice from all angles of the hole and help you to have to putt through different breaks, lines, and from above the hole and below the hole.

The next time you practice change it up a little bit by using a different golf club to measure with. After using my putter, the next time I will use my driver. This keeps me from getting used to putting from the exact same distances each time. After the driver, use a 5-iron for example.

Use this putting drill on a regular basis and you will be able to improve your golf score.