Monday, April 5, 2010

Link Building-A Great Service Called SEOLinkVine

 Most of you that come to my golf tips for beginners blogsite are owners of websites and blogs as well. Most that come are looking for links. Well I have a gift for you. Please check out a new site that is called SEOLinkVine. This SEO site is a natural link building service that is one-of-a-kind. You can get benefit a number of ways by using this great service.

You can submit you site and get fresh content from others that have submitted articles and that are looking for natural links back to their sites. So basically, you can turn your site into a site that is on auto, and it is not copied material but it is fresh content that you can receive on a daily basis. Or, you can add articles with links back to your site that will be distributed to other sites that are related to your site making for some very powerful backlinks!

Talk about cool!! Now you can pay to submit your articles or you can refer others and receive article credits so you can then submit your link articles for free. How does this work? If someone you refer submits a site to receive fresh content, then you can get 5 article credits. If they refer someone else, then you get an additional 3 credits.

Submit your site(s) for auto content and refer people to the site and start sharing articles with your keyword links and start building your site empire.

SEOLinkVine is a very user friendly site and it is set up very professionally. This is a revolutionary concept and it is sure to benefit all those who are apart of it. Check it out!

UPDATE: The above information was part of a contest and that contest has been closed. However, you can still submit your site for free to get free original content posted to your site. Check out my new site: Blu-Ray Info. It's a site that is constantly updated with the most current information and questions about blu-ray. Also, there will be articles and advice about audio/video equipment.