Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Acer XK Pro Series Golf Irons

The all new Acer XK Pro Series irons are designed and manufactured to play similar to the Callaway X-22 irons. The club appears very much like the Callaway product, and plays quite like the Callaway product . Hireko is the golf equipment firm that not only sells the Acer line of golf clubs in the U.S., but is the manufacturer making the clubs in a foundry in China . Hireko is not just a maker of what are known as “clones”, however they own the foundry and they make their own clubs, not clone golf clubs, or “Knock-offs”. While the Acer line of golf irons may appear similar to some other brands , they are original equipment , made by a solid company. While Hireko may not be well known in the U.S.A., they are popular in other parts of the golfing world, especially Asia.

The Acer line of irons goes back a few years, and some of the first irons were very close copies of the Callaway X-16 model . Gradually the design evolved and the new Acer XK irons became the prime model for the Hireko line of discount golf clubs. The XK irons come in the regular XK design, as well as the XK Pro Series, for low handicap golfers . The Pro Series have less offset, thinner top lines, and narrower soles, three things the better players tend to prefer . If you are looking for a little more forgiveness and don’t mind giving up a bit of workability, then the Acer XK irons would be a better option . If you are looking for the most forgiveness, then the XK HT would be a good choice.

If you are looking for a good set of quality irons, with good distance, forgiveness and ample workability for a single digit handicap golfer, the Acer XK Pro Series irons is a great selection . You have two options when buying the Acer irons, you can buy fully assembled irons, or you can buy components and assemble a set. If you don’t build golf clubs, Hireko will assemble a set to meet your needs and desires. You don’t have to buy the standard 3-PW set, like from most OEM brands. You can get only those clubs you want, be it 3-PW, or 6 iron to SW. It’s all up to you. You also have the choice of shafts. Not just steal or graphite, but exactly what model shaft you like best. And to finish off your custom set, you can pick what grip you like, not just the standard old factory grip you get with most OEM brands. Need your irons a little longer or shorter than standard? Again, that’s not a problem, as Hireko can build them to your spec, or you can do it yourself if you buy components. Prices for your set will of course vary, depending on how many irons you get, which shaft you go with, and what grip you order. No matter what your choices, you will be able to get an excellent set of irons for a very good price. Only have $200 to spend? Not a problem. Just figure out which irons you want and start with those. Then you can add more later as you can afford more. That option is not available with many big name brands

Monday, May 17, 2010

Are Callaway Clubs The Best Choice For You

No matter how long you've been golfing, it's likely which you have heard with the Callaway brand of golf clubs and accessories. They're one on the top suppliers for that whole golf industry. If you happen to be inside the market for new golf clubs, you may probably need to look at Callaway merchandise at some point. They're definitely not for everyone (as no golf club is), but they provide a huge enough variety of merchandise that you may just be in a position to locate some thing which you would like to use. Here I will describe some of the elements offered by Callaway clubs, and what sorts of golfers use them.

Callaway is incredibly famous for its drivers which are in a position to hit balls further than any other drivers. Most on the time these are against regulation for actual official golf games, but if that you are just going out towards the driving assortment then there shouldn’t be a difficulty. The engineers at Callaway devote literally years developing the drivers, and adjusting each little piece of it to make it into the perfect piece of golf equipment. Generally the shaft is extremely light, even though the head on the golf club is shaped perfectly and given a very good amount of weight. The specifications depend around the model that you pick, but most on the time their super drivers have hollow heads (creating them technically Woods).

Though Callaway provides items that could be used by the most professional of golfers, they also have pretty several which have been more geared towards beginners. You'll be able to use a number of these specially designed clubs or club sets to familiarize yourself with the game and come to be extremely proficient with your strokes. This will allow you to come to be an superb player prior to you even begin to devote large amounts of money on your items. A few of the ideal items consist of the adjustable golf clubs, or the half-set that leaves you with just the fundamental choices to familiarize yourself with. Look for these merchandise are your local club store, or in an on the web Callaway catalog.

Callaway’s merchandise line doesn’t end at golf clubs. Everything else you need for the game, you can have the alternative of purchasing through Callaway. This includes golf apparel, which all people knows can be a must-have when you happen to be going to spend a day on the course. Golf shoes are the top for moving across the grass that makes up the ground of the golf courses, and other golf apparel for instance hats and shirts will protect you from the brutal elements included inside the game. If you might be an very easily sunburned person, then you should locate the correct shading and protection so that you can prevent having your skin burned although you play.

As with any organization, Callaway sells a large variety of golfing items. Whether you might be a beginner or an expert or somewhere in between, you may be able to find a product that works for you personally. Figure out what exactly you might be looking for out of a golf club set, and bring these requirements with you whenever you go shopping. This will let those who are helping you to narrow elements down much faster and assist you a lot more efficiently for a far better end result for everyone involved.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Discount Golf Club Advice

If you're looking to purchase discount golf clubs you are able to do it in different ways. The first process would be to purchase a golf club made by a big brand name, when the store is promoting a sale. Another would be to purchase a clone from a provider of discount clone clubs. Before you make up your mind on either choice, you should learn more about the differences in the two choices.

Purchasing Clone Golf Clubs:

Whenever buying a clone of the original brand named golf club, the final product without the brand name, should appear and play much like the brand name . A cloned golf club will use the same parts as the original. They're also assembled similarly to the original brand name product . Many golfers favor a certain brand name, hopefully due to quality and not name alone. All the same , a cloned item will make a good golf club and the price is lower .

Discount golf clubs save you a lot of money particularly if you are a player who isn't hooked on the major brands . Make certain that you have a way of checking that the clubs don't contain faults or other defects that can make the price you pay a waste of money . If the defects are minor, such as surface only, you may want to compare that against the price, and how serious you are about golf .

No doubt you can also get a discount golf club that is not a clone at reduced prices. You will need to ensure that they do not contain major flaws that can make the price that you pay a waste of money. Only when the defect is slight and the price is low, will such a discount golf club prove to be a good purchase .

A major consideration , when buying a discount golf club, is to make certain that the golf club is really the one you want because few dealers will refund your money . Also when you are going to buy a cloned club remember that some clone clubs are frequently being sold as the genuine thing, illegal copies. You would do well to stay clear of any club that is being pitched as original and at low prices.

A lot of times , the golf club suppliers will offer a discount club when a newer model becomes available on the market . The best way to look out for this is to read and follow magazines and reviews, then look to your local store for the old model. They may prefer to sell text their old inventory to allow for the newer model to be showcased

Therefore it adds up to, buyer beware with buying discount golf clubs or golf club clones. You want to get the best deal possible at the same time the statement suggests that if it looks to good to be true it probably is.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Travel in Style with a Handy GPS

Gone are the days where a person had to make use of a paper travel map in order to find out how to get from one place to another. Now there is new technology referred to as GPS systems, or global positioning systems. These devices, which have been utilized by the military for many years have recently become fashionable with the public. These are electronic gadgets that come in numerous kinds, from handheld models to display models which might be mounted or even in-dash in some newer cars.

These devices, that are managed by satellite, work by punching in a starting address and the ultimate destination address. As soon as that info is put into the GPS, the GPS will guide the particular person step by step, turn by turn until the person has arrived at his or her destination. Some GPS systems will really talk to you and inform you exactly the place to turn and when, others are merely an interactive map that may show you on a display when and where to turn, however is not going to give verbal directions. Along with exhibiting or telling the particular person where to turn, it also says the place you're at, at which path you're presently heading. These global positioning systems, or GPS, are very helpful to drivers since the driver does not need to be hassled with a large map while she or he is making an attempt to keep their fingers on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. This is particularly true for those drivers which might be driving without another person to navigate for them.

These GPS systems are also very helpful if an individual does become lost. As a result of the system will inform the individual where they're at, they could call for help and be able to inform one other particular person their path and exactly the place they are. Not solely are GPS systems helpful for drivers, however they're additionally very useful to anyone that's unfamiliar with any location that they are at. Take for example hikers. With hand-held GPS systems, they'll take advantage of their hike and again, in the event that they get circled, they'll learn how to get again on observe if they know which direction they need to go in relation to the route they're currently headed. Golf gps has additionally become very popular. Many golf courses now make golf gps systems available to golfers unfamiliar with the course. Instead of having to rent a caddy, now they will use a gps caddie.

After all, this new technology is very handy and might save a person a number of problem, but it is very important perceive learn how to use the actual system, and to understand that not all GPS systems work precisely the same way. It is usually important to know that with any technology, they could not always work and it is nonetheless a good suggestion to have a traditional back up travel map, simply in case. Whether or not utilizing an electronic device such as a GPS, or utilizing a conventional map, it is a good suggestion to develop into familiar with it and familiar with your destination before you truly depart for any trip. Maps, whether conventional or electronic are solely as good as the individual that is aware of how to use and read them.