Thursday, March 3, 2011

What are the Best Golf Balls for Beginners?

Best Beginner Golf Balls
The market is saturated with all kinds of golf balls to choose from.  You have X balls, hot balls, ladies balls, and numerous others that are available.  Then there is price. How much are you willing to spend?  So if you are a beginner you may be wondering how to simply choose the right kind of ball for you.  What are the best golf balls for beginners? Which ones are the best?

A stronger golfer will usually compress the golf ball so they should choose a higher compression ball. On the other hand a weaker golfer should pick a softer compression golf ball.  A good rule of thumb is the higher priced golf balls are made for better players and lower priced golf balls are designed more for slower swing speeds and beginners.

However, picking a golf ball can still be very confusing when trying to determine 'the right golf ball for ME!'  Especially when you come to find out that last year over a thousand models of golf balls were produced!  WOW!!  So here is an experiment that you can try to choose the best golf ball.

Best Golf Ball for Beginners Experiment

Let's place golf balls into 4 categories for our golf ball fitting guide:

  • Golf Balls Under $20
  • Golf Balls Between $21 and $35
  • Golf Balls over $35
  • Ladies Golf Balls

As a beginner, you should first of all consider golf balls under the $20 category.  Examples of these golf balls: Callaway Big Bertha Diablo, Noodle+Easy Distance, Pinnacle Dimension, Srixon Soft Feel, and Top-Flite Gamer V2.  There are many others but these are probably the most popular.  Go to your local golf shop where you can buy just sleeves of balls.

Or you can choose balls from the $21-$35 category.  Here is a list of popular ones available:  Bridgestone E6, Nike One Vapor Speed, Srixon Trispeed Tour, Taylormade TP Black LDP, and Titleist NXT Tour.  Again, the list goes on and on.

Or you can choose golf balls from the over $35 category.  To help you, here are some that are popular amongst golfers:  Bridgestone B330, Callaway i, Taylormade Penta TP, and Titleist Pro V1.

Whatever category and brand you choose go and buy one sleeve of each.  You are going to put them up against each other head to head with your golf game and clubs.

Best Beginner Golf Balls Test Number 1
Start your head to head test on the putting green.  Putt both brands of golf balls.  How do they sound coming off your putter? How do they feel? Make note of which one sounds and feels the best.

Best Beginner Golf Balls Test Number 2
Now chip and pitch with the golf balls. Which one performed the best? Make a note of it.

Best Beginner Golf Balls Test Number 3
Hit the balls with your mid irons and which one performed the best?

Best Beginner Golf Balls Test Number 4
Hit the 2 brands of golf balls with your long irons and/or hybrids. Again, take note of which one performed the best for you.

Best Beginner Golf Balls Test Number 5
Hit the golf balls with your driver and your fairway woods if you have them.

After you have performed these tests, analyze which golf ball brand overall was the best for your game.  Favor the golf ball that felt the best on and around the green and then work your way back to the tee.  After you have picked the best brand out of the 2 you played with, go back to the golf shop and buy the next sleeve of golf balls from another brand. Re-do the test.  Keep doing this until you have narrowed down the best beginner golf ball for you.

You can also move to another category and perform the test again.  Or, you can pick the best ball from each category and then compare them against each other.

Ladies, you have it a little easier because you only have one category.  A few in your category that you can try are Callaway Solaire, Nike Karma, Pinnacle Ribbon, Precept Lady IQ Plus, and Taylormade Burner W.  But you don't necessarily have to limit yourself to just balls designed for ladies in mind.  You can try any golf ball if you want.

As you can tell, this process can and will take you some time to complete.  But it is a great way to pick the best golf ball.  A good thing to remember is when you go to the store to buy golf balls you usually buy a dozen at a time anyways. Why not buy only a sleeve at a time and compare different brands. Hopefully this answers the question: what are the best golf balls for beginners? Try the above suggestions and you just may find the right ones for you. It will be money well spent and in time you will find the best beginner golf ball for you!


  1. You can also just buy a couple of sleeves of golf balls, and just play with them. 90 compression is usually best for an average handicap golfer, and a 100 compression who have the power to hit it long. I have a friend who does his best playing with lady precepts that have an 80 compression.

  2. I always did the same thing buy a whole bunch of golf balls,instead of trying different kinds to find the right beginner ball.

  3. Good golf balls are hard to find at a reasonable price.

  4. Now I have to stick to your blog like a super glue and read it everyday , coz i just started golf, great advice, I am following you.

  5. Most golf balls are made very well and perform well depending on what you are looking for. Beginning golfers probably can save some money by using the less expesive ball until they hit the ball solidly and compress their irons. At this point, a softer cover (urethane) ball will be appropriate. It seems strange, but the better you hit the ball, you probably will want a ball that is not as long off the tee but softer (with spin) around the green. Choosing a ball from the green out is your best bet.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts on Best Beginner Golf Balls. Since I started golfing a good 15 years ago I’ve found that I’ve improved my golf game the most through feedback from other golfers.
    Using this thought I’ve put together a manual of all of the tips and tricks that will help beginners get started and will give even seasoned golfers a fresh perspective on their game.

  7. Golf ball selection comes down to personal preference. I prefer balls that are a little heavier than normal.

  8. Hello Friends,
    Thanks to sharing this information for best beginner golf balls. The beginners should always start with an inexpensive ball. A cheapest possible ball will be good golf balls for beginners. Thanks a lot...
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  9. For beginners, cheap, I lost 4 the other day on a 9 hole, lol, lots of water hazards. Best I believe would be used balls, they are cheap and they offer a variety of brands and types. Im a beginner so to speak, and Ive tried many different balls, I tend to like TopFlite XL and Titlelist. Theyre cheap and seem to be a decent ball. Ive tried a few of my Pops brand as well as his clubs, what a disaster, lol. Until you develop a nice consistent and controlled swing, a decent cheap ball is the way to go.

  10. I started Playing golf from last 2 months with my cousin and really enjoying this game, its really nice to read this specially for beginners like me.

  11. I have experimented with all kinds of different balls, expensive ones, cheap ones, Balata, etc. By far the best improvements in distance I got were not from the ball but from core training. I really improved my golf swing with medicine ball training. I can't say enough about it.

  12. The best golf balls for beginners? That's easy... the cheapest. What is the point of spending big bucks when your balls are going to end up in the water or lost in the rough?

  13. Thanks for the wonderful information you have provided about golf balls. I have picked up some very valuable information.

  14. $20+ for a single golf ball? that's an expensive thought, last time i went golfing with mates i was losing balls practically every hole.

  15. Nice post.

  16. I have never purposefully used anything but Titlest...why chance it?

  17. I was considering to start playing golf. This post really helped me, thank you :)

  18. i love this game but its too expensive for me

  19. Floating golf balls are good for beginners !!

  20. I am still playing the Bridgestone E6. It is a great ball for any beginner.

    Tried the Srixon Soft Feel too, but it doesn't come close to the E6.