Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Golf Putting Lesson for Beginners

It's sickening to realize how many strokes are lost on the putting green. Have you ever hit the green in regulation and ended up scoring a bogey or worse simply because you missed your putts? It's even worse when you've hit the ball close and you miss a 2 to 7 footer for birdie or par. Sad to say, the majority of us do not make a lot of putts over 8 feet. Within 7 feet though, we should be able to make a good majority of them. We can easily improve our golf scores if we concentrate on making short putts. Practice is what will allow us to become better. Practicing long and mid range putts is important but they rarely go in on one shot. You should practice to lay up to within 3 feet for these types of putts. But we would do better if we focused the majority of our practice on short putts. Pro golfers realize this and it would be good that we do too. Many Professional golfers have missed short putts thus missing their opportunity to play on the weekend.

So newbies, try this drill: find a hole on the practice green and place 6 equally spaced tee's around the hole 1 foot from the hole. Putt from each tee but don't move on to the next tee until you have made it. Take your time and focus on making all 6 putts. Once you have completed all 6 putts, pull the tee's out and move them out another foot. Move the tee's out 1 foot each time until you have reached 7 feet.

It's a good drill that helps you to putt from all angles. It also teaches you how to play uphill and downhill and every break. You'll learn consistency and gain confidence. Use the same routine for every stroke and listen for the ball to fall into the hole. If you practice this drill on a regular basis, your short putts will become more consistent and your score will begin to improve tremendously.


  1. Thanks for the tips. Although golf is fantastic sport at the same time is very hard to play it correctly.
    Once again thanks a lot for the putting lesson. If i have the time this weekend i will definitely use it on the golf course.

  2. Minimizing the number of putts you hit in a round is critical to your score. Getting the long putt into a sinkable range and then sinking that second putt will do more for your round than any other shot you hit. Don't give a missed putt the chance to ruin your next drive.