Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Get a Good Golf Swing With a Few Tips

The golf swing is something that most golfers work hard at improving. Why? Because they want to lower their golf scores. But to get yourself to a better level in golf you will need to practice. Here are a few tips that you can use to get a better golf swing and a better golf score.

A good analogy for the golf swing is music. Tempo, balance, and rhythm are essential in music as it is in golf . So it goes with the golf swing! Good music comes about because of a solid foundation. The same is true with the golf swing you must have a good foundation, namely your stance.

When you practice hitting balls adjust the width of your stance to find the best stance that works for you. Try a different combination of stances, from wide to narrow . If your stance ends up about shoulder width apart you will have matched most golfers. After awhile, you will have found the stance that works for you and if you practice it regularly it will become natural out on the golf course. You will also need to practice the different types of weight shifts throughout the golf swing. This is a very important part of the golf swing and it is more complicated than just shifting your weight back and forth between your feet. The best way to learn weight shift is to take some lessons from a PGA professional .

My next tip involves hitting the golf ball into the wind. Most golfers think that you need to hit it harder when there is a breeze in your face. However this is not true. If you hit your ball with tremendous force your trajectory will suffer. Your swing thought ought to be to swing easy. That tip will help you tremendously.

In conclusion, hit easy into the wind, learn how to have the proper weight shift and the proper golf stance. Combining these 3 things will result in better accuracy, further distance, and lower golf scores. Practice is the key that will get the results you want. Results will become evident if you don't give up.


  1. Thanks for the golf tips. As I'm a beginner i hope they will improve a little bit my game, especially hitting the golf ball into the wind.
    I was never able to pull that off.

  2. Looking for a PGA professional in my region, thanks for the lesson for me as a beginner.

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