Sunday, July 17, 2011

Golf Putting Tip for Beginners

It's amazing how many strokes are lost on the putting green. How many times have you hit the green in regulation but scored a bogey or worse simply because you missed your putts? It's real depressing when you have a 2 to 7 foot putt for birdie or par and you miss it. Sad to say, a lot of us do not make a lot of putts over 8 feet. Within 7 feet though, we should be able to make a good majority of them. We can easily improve our golf scores if we concentrate on making short putts. Only practice will make us a better putter. You want to practice long and mid range putts but typically they don't go in on one stroke. Long and mid range putts usually are lay up putts. Our time would be better spent if we practiced more on short putts. Professionals know this and so it would be beneficial if we recognized this also. Many Tour players have missed short putts thus missing their opportunity to play on the weekend.

So beginners, try this drill: find a hole on the practice green and place 6 equally spaced tee's around the hole 1 foot from the hole. Hit putts from each tee until you make it, then move onto the next one. Continue this process until you have made all six putts. When you have made all six putts, move the tee's out 1 more foot. Keep doing this until you have reached 7 foot from the hole.

This simple drill teaches you the feel of putting from all angles. You will also be able to practice every break and you will be putting from both uphill and downhill. You'll learn consistency and gain confidence. Setup the same way for every shot, take your time, and build your confidence as you hear the putts rattle into the hole. Do this drill religiously and you will see a huge improvement in your short range putting skills and your score will, in time, reflect it.


  1. Nice tip using the 6 tees around the hole. I love to golf, but I must admit that I'll probably never be good. I can hit decent drives but my putting game is REALLY bad. I am going to try this tip that you gave me and see if this helps my putting game. It sure can't get much worse!

  2. I agree putting is very important and is a very good drill. If your having trouble with leaving the ball short of the hole I like to put a tee about 4 inches behind the hole and aim for the tee instead of the hole. It helps by putting it alittle harder and making it to the hole.

    Jlopezjr04@How to swing a golf club

  3. Hitting putts on the practice green regularly and with purpose is the best way to improve your putting. You want to develop good mechanics for your stroke but feel for the stroke and the hole are more important and practice of your own stroke is the best way to develop this feel.

  4. Great tips you got there.
    Those are berry helpful for the beginners in playing golf.
    Thanks for sharing.

    -Peter, Sydney Group Dining