Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Putting-Short Putts for Beginners

It's appalling to realize how many strokes are lost on the putting green. Have you ever scored a bogey or worse simply because you missed your putts on the green? It's real aggravating when you have a 2 to 7 foot putt for birdie or par and you miss it. Amateurs, including beginners, do not make putts over 8 feet on a regular basis. However, inside 7 feet, we should be able to make a lot more than we do. If we concentrate on this part of our game, we should be able to knock a few strokes off Old Man Par and improve our overall golf score. Practice is what will allow us to become better. Practicing long and mid range putts is important but they rarely go in on one shot. You should practice to lay up to within 3 feet for these types of putts. Our time would be better spent if we practiced more on short putts. Pro golfers realize this and it would be good that we do too. A lot of Tour players have missed 2 to 3 footers to miss the cut on a Friday, missing their chance to play for the money on the weekend.

Beginners try this drill: put 6 equally spaced tee's in a circle 1 foot from a hole. From each tee, putt until you make it. If you do, then move onto the next one. Take your time and focus on making all six putts. Once you have made all 6 then move the tee's out to 2 feet and repeat the drill. You are complete when you have moved the tee's out to the 7 foot mark.

This is a good drill that helps you to putt from all angles. It helps you to learn uphill and downhill putts as well as right to left breaks and vice verse. You will learn consistency and gain confidence. Use the same routine for every stroke and listen for the ball to fall into the hole. Do this drill religiously and you will see a huge improvement in your short range putting skills and your score will, in time, reflect it.


  1. awesome article! great read! thanks for the tips! they're very helpful for me!

  2. I am planning to start golfing. This is a very useful info. Thank you so much.

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    love your your tips, and spceially loved you drill:}

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  4. Thats a pretty good sounding tip, you are very right when you say how these short puts cost so many shot on your game. Next time I am at my courses putting green I think Ill give this a whirl. Thanks for the great article