Thursday, September 1, 2011

As a Beginner-How to Improve My Golf Swing

The golf swing is something that a lot of golfers practice at improving. Golf swing improvement usually means a lower golf score. Practice is the one and only thing that will help you. To aid you , here are a few golf swing tips.

I like to compare the golf swing to music. Music needs to have a good tempo, good rhythm, and balance to work right . So it goes with the golf swing! The foundation of a song makes it good music. Just like music a good golf swing must have a solid foundation and this starts with a golfers stance.

While hitting balls at the driving range, concentrate on adjusting the width of your stance to find the one that is suitable for you. Try a different combination of stances, from wide to narrow . If your stance ends up about shoulder width apart you will have harmonized with most golfers. Once you have found you perfect golf stance practice it over and over again so that it becomes natural . You will also need to practice the various types of weight shifts throughout the golf swing. It is much more complex than shifting your weight from one foot to the other. You may find it helpful to talk to a golf teaching professional on how to do this right .

Another good golf swing tip involves hitting into the wind. The natural tendency is to hit it hard. This is a false assumption. If you hit your ball with tremendous force your trajectory will suffer. "Swing easy into the breezy" says Greg Norman. Follow that advice and you will have much greater results.

So remember to find your proper stance, shift your weight, and hit easy into the wind. Improvement in these three areas, will result in better golf ball control, longer distance off the tee, and of course your golf score will look better as well. But you will need to practice! Be persistent, and you will see huge results.


  1. Thank you, this is very helpful advice. I've been having trouble with my swing since I started golfing a few months ago, and it's very frustrating...

  2. I love Golf when I was a kid and went for a practice but It never happened after we moved to Utah. Again now..I wanted to learn Golf and thanks for your article. I would make use of such articles for my future reference while learning Golf.

  3. Great tips for a beginner like me in golf. Can I add, a golf swing is made up of three distinct components – back swing, down swing and follow through. The forward swing is responsible for building up the power and getting the ball to a certain distance. As for the back swing, this basically stretches your muscles in such a way that your down swing becomes more powerful. The follow through, while more important in the actual game, is also important when it comes to avoiding injury, as it helps muscles get to the right position and state before they go to a state of rest.

  4. This article will be very helpful for my friend who wants to learn golf. Don't have the time to teach him so I'll just email him this article.

  5. Great info! we should appreciate for new players participating in the game of golf.Another good tip involves hitting into the wind. The natural tendency is to hit it hard. This is a false assumption.

  6. These are good tips to remember. I can use the one about how to swing during a breeze, that's a common occurence where I live.

  7. Professional golf trainer can help you lot in improving your golf swing. right grip play key role in your golf swing.
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