Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Putt Better, Beginners

It's sickening to realize how many strokes are lost on the putting green. Have you ever scored a bogey or worse simply because you missed your putts on the green? It's real aggravating when you have a 2 to 7 foot putt for birdie or par and you miss it. Amateurs, including beginners, do not make putts over 8 feet on a regularly. Within 7 feet though, we should be able to make a good majority of them. We can easily improve our golf scores if we concentrate on making short putts. To become better at making short putts we need to really practice. Practicing long and mid range putts is important but they rarely go in on one shot. These types of putts should be practiced to get the ball within 3 feet of the hole. But we would do better if we focused the majority of our practice on short putts. Professionals know this and so it would be beneficial if we recognized this also. Many Professional golfers have missed short putts thus missing their opportunity to play on the weekend.

Beginners, here is a drill to try: place six tee's around a hold golf hole, 1 foot away. Putt your golf ball from each the six tee's but don't move on to the next tee until you have made it. Your goal is to make all 6 putts. Once you have completed all 6 putts, pull the tee's out and move them out another foot. Move the tee's out 1 foot each time until you have reached 7 feet.

This is a good drill that helps you to putt from all angles. It also teaches you how to play uphill and downhill and every break. Also you will be teaching yourself repetition and confidence. Use the same setup every time, don't rush the stroke, and listen for the ball to hit the bottom of the cup. Make this drill apart of your everyday practice routine and you will become a short putt wizard and your golf scores will go down as well.


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