Friday, September 9, 2011

Using the Mental Aspects of Golf to Improve

Golf thoughts traveling in your brain
There are a number of ways to improve your golf game. One way that is becoming popular, for example, is by utilizing a golf specific fitness program. Many are finding the benefits of doing targeted workouts that focus on the parts of your body that are used in the golf swing. However, another way that people are making improvements is by becoming stronger mentally. Incorporate some of these, or all of these golf mental tips, and it's a good possibility that your golf game will get better. All without spending a lot more time practicing!! You can do this if you learn to prepare your mind correctly.

Golf Mental Tip#1-Stay in the Moment
Whether you hit a good shot or a bad shot, learn to 'quiet' your mind immediately after striking the ball. Hit the ball and then forget about the outcome. By forcing your mind to stay in the moment, you will gradually avoid the highs and the lows that most golfing amateurs experience. In time, your scores will improve.

Golf Mental Tip#2-Quickly Make a Decision
Evaluate your situation, pick your target, and then execute. Learn to do this quickly using total focus and commitment. Not only will this speed up overall play, but also it will keep the left side of your brain from over-analyzing the shot, and it will allow the right side of your brain to naturally take over.

Golf Mental Tip#3-Practice Difficult Shots-Use Variety
Practice is important, so when you do practice don't practice from the same lie over and over again. Mix it up by using variety. Practice hitting your ball from uphill lies, downhill lies, with the ball above your feet, below your feet, from deep rough, from divots, over bunkers, over trees, to tight pin positions, etc. Use your imagination. By challenging yourself this way, you will be preparing your mind for real world play. And then a great benefit will be that when your ball is in a normal position, in the middle of the fairway for example, it will seem a lot easier to hit.

Golf Mental Tip#4-Become Golf Fit
A good way to relax your mind for golf is by becoming golf fit. Golf fitness will allow you to perform the golf swing naturally. We sometimes have so many swing thoughts in our head that we end up complicating the swing and end up hitting bad shots. Build up your confidence by becoming taut and fit for golf. You can do this by learning to do specific exercises that are made just for the golf swing. In time, won't have to focus on swing thoughts and instead your will have the self-assurance that your mind will allow your body to take over all on its own.

Golf Mental Tip#5-Learn to Play YOUR Game
A simple way to build up your mental confidence is by finding a golf swing that works for your body. We try too hard to copy others and this can cause frustration and disappointment when it doesn't work for us and our swing. As a tip, before you tee off, hit a few balls on the driving range and take note of your ball flight for that day. If your driver is slicing 30 yards to the right, play the slice on the course, aim left and hit away. Find how you are hitting each club in the bag. If you find that you are not hitting your 5-iron not real well, for example, limit it's use on the course for that day. Play to YOUR strengths for the day, and you will build mental confidence.

Golf Mental Tip#6-No Fear
Have no fear. When you know YOUR golf swing, then you can play free and without fear. Have confidence and ‘Let it rip’!

Golf Mental Tip#7-Stay True to Yourself
Oftentimes, you can be flooded with golf tips from everywhere. Television, magazines, and even friends can overwhelm us with swing tips and thoughts. If something works for you, stick with it. Don't allow others to alter your game, because this can ruin your game in the long run.

Golf Mental Tip Conclusion
These are just a few golf mental tips that you can try and use with your own personal golf game. Give 1 or more golf mental aspects listed above a try and see for yourself if they, in time, improve your game. Learning to develop mental strength and focus will definitely improve your golf game. Good luck!


  1. I love challenge of every ball placement & shot-every day I feel more confident in my ability 2 play golf well

  2. I think playing golf is synonymous with playing chess...

  3. I think to get that ball straight into that hole, great focus is really important. As always, practice makes perfect.