Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beginners-Improving Your Golf Swing

Golfers work hard at trying to make improvements to their golf swings. Golf swing improvement usually means a lower golf score. To arrive at a better level in golf you will need to practice. If you want to learn to have a better golf swing and if you want to improve your golf score then follow these tips.

A good analogy for the golf swing is music. Balance, rhythm, and tempo are important in music as it is in golf . So it goes with the golf swing! The foundation of a song makes it good music. The same is true with the golf swing you must have a good foundation, namely your stance.

When you practice hitting balls vary the width of your stance to find the best stance that works for you. You can do this by taking a narrow stance or by widening your stance. The majority of golfers end up with their feet about shoulders width apart from each other. Once you have found the stance that works for you then you will want to practice it over and over so that it will feel extremely natural feel to you. The proper weight shift at various parts of the golf swing will be the next thing that you will need to give attention to . Simply shifting your weight from side to side is not necessarily having the proper weight shift. The best way to understand weight shift is to take some lessons from a PGA professional .

My next tip is about hitting the golf ball into the wind. A lot of golfers think that you need to hit it harder when there is a breeze in your face. This is a false assumption. Poor trajectory will be the result if you try hitting your ball with power . To have better control of your ball you will need to remember to swing easy. Following that advice will improve your results.

In conclusion, hit easy into the wind, learn how to have the proper weight shift and the proper golf stance. Combining these 3 things will result in better accuracy, further distance, and lower golf scores. Practice is the key that will get the results you want. Be persistent, and you will see huge results.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mental Part of Golf-How to Improve

There are a number of ways to strengthen your golf game. One way that is turning out to be common, for example, people are acquiring the rewards of coaching their brains for golf. The problem is most golf instructors and almost all books on golf don’t stress the importance of practicing mind power. Integrate some of these, or all of these golf mental tips outlined below, and it's a good chance that your golf game will become better. What is awesome, is you can improve without having to spend a ton of time practicing your game!! You can do this if you learn to prepare your mind properly.

Golf Mental Suggestion#1-Remain in the Moment

Regardless of whether you hit a very good shot or an undesirable shot, learn to 'quiet' your mind instantly after striking the ball. Hit the ball and then forget about the end result. By forcing your mind to stay in the moment, you will regularly stay away from the highs and the lows that most golfing amateurs experience. In time, your scores will improve.

Golf Mental Suggestion#2-Speedily Make a Decision

Quickly consider your ball position, pick your target, and then swiftly take your shot. Learn to do this quickly utilizing total focus and commitment. This approach will speed up play and it will trigger your right brain to take over, limiting your left brain from becoming involved and screwing things up.

Golf Mental Tip#3-Practice Tough Shots-Use Variety

When you take the time to practice, don't hit all your shots from the same lie over and over again. Use variety in your practice by mixing things up. Practice hitting your ball from downhill lies, uphill lies, below your feet, above your feet, from deep rough, from divots, over objects, over trees, over bunkers, to tight pin positions, etc. Use your imagination. By making use of this process, you will be training yourself and your mind for real world situations. An extra advantage will be that when your ball is in a non-tricky situation it will seem much easier to hit.

Golf Mental Idea#4-Become Golf Fit

If you become golf fit you will end up relaxing your mind. The explanation why is because golf fitness will allow you to execute the golf swing naturally. We sometimes have so many swing ideas in our head that we end up complicating the swing and end up hitting undesirable shots. Give your mental side self confidence by getting into shape for golf. There are numerous distinct exercises that can be performed to improve your swing for your body. In time, swing thoughts will not dominate your thinking process but your body will naturally take over in a more consistent fashion.

Golf Mental Word of advice#5-Learn to Play YOUR Game

A simple way to build up your mental self-confidence is by discovering a golf swing that works for your body. We try too hard to duplicate others and this can bring about aggravation and disappointment when it doesn't work for us and our swing. As a hint, just before you tee off, hit a few balls on the driving range and take note of your ball flight for that day. If your driver is slicing 30 yards to the right, then play the slice on the course, aim left and hit away. Find how you are hitting each club in the bag. If you find that you are hitting your 5-iron not real well, for example, restrict it's use on the course for that day. If for that day you play to YOUR strengths, you will be building up your mental confidence.

Golf Mental Hint#6-No Fear

Learn to have no fear. When you know YOUR golf swing, then you can play free and without fear. Develop confidence and ‘Let it rip’!

Golf Mental Word of Advice#7-Stay True to Yourself

Oftentimes, you can be flooded with golf ideas from everywhere. Television, magazines, and even friends can overwhelm us with swing tips and thoughts. But if you find something that works for you, then don't change. If you allow the tips from others to alter your game or swing this could prove to be bad for your game in the long run.

Golf Mental Hint Conclusion

These are just a couple of golf mental ideas that you can try and use with your very own individual golf game. To continue making improvement at golf, you must work on the mental aspect of golf, period! Try these tips out one by one, or give them all a try and see if they, in time, boost your golf game. Learning to produce mental strength and focus will undoubtedly increase your golf game. Good luck!