Thursday, July 19, 2012

Update on FedEx/March of Dimes Golf Tournament

It was a great turn out for the 2012 FedEx/March of Dimes golf tournament. We had around 25 4-man teams. The winning team shot a 56 (16 under par). The winning golf group was captained by a FedEx manager out of Jacksonville Florida, named Deke Brucker, who also was the chairman of the charity event.

The most important thing was the monies that were raised for a very important charity. We raised around $5,000. We were playing for the babies! We played the tournament near Yulee, Fl, on the North Hampton Course. The staff was wonderful and we ended up having a great time.

We are planning on doing another tournament in 2013 and it is a good possibility that we will be playing at Hidden Hills Golf Course in Jacksonville, Fl. I will update in the future when we know more.

To see photo's for this tournament CLICK HERE!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we did not end up having a golf tournament this year (2013). This happened for various reasons, but if we end up doing one in 2014 you will be the first to hear of it!!