Sunday, December 22, 2013

Buy a Golf Ball That is Suited For You

To be honest, that title is a little misleading on my part. I used to sell golf balls at a golf store and I have a little bit knowledge about them, but I don't know enough to pick one that is suited for your game.

There is so much technology out there today when it comes to golf equipment that it can be a little overwhelming. But the nice thing about golf balls is you can find a lot of information you need right on the box.

You certainly can't find that on a set of irons, a driver, or even a putter. But a box of golf balls will tell you a lot and who they are primarily made for.

What I have found is when you are first starting out, it doesn't matter what ball you play. Within a few holes you are probably going to lose it anyways.

Am I right?

A beginner has so much on his mind that how a golf ball feels or performs is rather insignificant for now. Even some minor experienced players can't tell the difference.

I played golf with an older gentlemen years ago who never bought a brand new golf ball, ever! He preferred used golf balls that he found out on the course, and that was sold in the clubhouse for $.50 each, and he shot regularly in the 80's.

That's no joke!

I have found that for me it comes down to price. If I'm playing poorly I only buy cheap golf balls. I go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapest Wilsons.

If I'm beginning to play better, then I upgrade to a little better ball, and so on. I also have set a goal for myself: when I can finally shoot a round in the 80's I will treat myself to a new box of Pro V1's!

However, I've played with some golfers that judge you by the name brand of your equipment. Maybe you have too.

If that it is true in your case and it bothers you what your playing partners think, then buy name brand golf balls that cost more. It's up to you, it doesn't bother me, though. Just saying.

Just know this, that the older gentlemen I referred to earlier, who only plays used balls, will probably be playing your name brand ball soon, because you will put in the woods, in the rough, or in the water sooner or later.

Trust me!! I've been there (he was playing a ball one day that had my initials that I had written on it)! Ouch!