Sunday, December 22, 2013

Get Rid of Poor Performance Once and For All

When I was trying to break 100 in golf I would sleep and breathe golf. I would read about it, I was constantly talking to others about the game, I created this blog, and I would constantly practice out on the course and mentally.

I remembered that I would put in 100% effort and because of that I reached my goal of breaking 100 on a consistent basis. Yes, my effort gave me great results.

But did I continue with that effort? To be honest, NO!

I just figured that since I broke 100 that I had now figured enough of the game out to just keep making great results. But this faulty thinking resulted in my game becoming stagnate.

Not that I started shooting in the 100's again, but my score never seemed to improve. In fact, my performance became poor and I lost interest in it.

Sad to say, I have let this mentality, for whatever reason, to continue with me for a few years now. And as a result it has resulted in zero improvements and disappointment.

But now, after some close examination, I have once again found that spark to play good again and hopefully make some improvement.

My poor performance over these last few years has not been because the game has changed but because I have changed. I had become lazy physically and mentally.

So now to get rid of my poor performance once and for all I have decided to get back to the formula that I used in the beginning. Do you want to know what it is:

  • Set a goal
  • Start to live, breathe, and sleep golf
  • Read about it, talk about it, and practice
  • Visualize different scenarios on the course and how you would play them

This is what I did when I started out and this is what I am currently doing again. Those few key things were what made me improve. 100% effort resulted in significant results.

My 0% effort, over the last few years, has resulted in zero results. So can you see the contrast?

So I am getting back to 100% effort!

My goal is to now break 90 regularly. 

I have started to let golf back into my life by letting it consume me.

I've pulled out my old golf magazines, I watch golf on TV, I've asked to go and play with my buddies regularly again, I'm writing about it again on this blog, and I'm practicing any chance I get.

In fact, as I'm sitting here writing this post, I've been thinking about some of my best golf shots and trying to visualize them.

I realize that in order to move to the next level, I will need to focus even more than before. But I still have to get in the groove of doing the basics. So that is where I am at now.

How about you? Are you ready to get rid of poor performance once and for all?

The winning formula is 100% effort! Give it a shot!!!